Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Best Weekend Ever: Part 6 - First Convention Lessons Learned

Sherlocked was my first convention. Here is what I learned from this experience.

1. My feet hurt. 
I wore my comfiest most broken in trainers and I got blisters! The combination of queueing and concrete floors do not make for happy feet. I only took one pair so I couldn't relieve the pain the next day by changing shoes. It didn't spoil the day but I have a MASSIVE amount of respect to all the Irene Adler cosplayers who spent the day in killer heels. Bravo ladies that is commitment. 

2. Set a budget. 
As I expected there were lots of lovely things to tempt you to spend your monies on. Merchandise, extra photos, autographs all sorts. I took cash and left my card at home. This worked brilliantly I got all the things I wanted from the weekend. I confess I did have to get a little extra cash out for food and wines on the train home but convention wise I stuck to budget. Success! 

3. These are my people. 
I loved having a good old geek out at Sherlocked. The levels of enthusiasm in the room were exceptional. People were so friendly all jammed together in queues chatting, asking who you'd met so far, how you had travelled, squeeing over photos, and generally sharing in the group joy of this experience. Compliments were going off all over the place! "I love your bag" "Your cosplay is fab" "That photo is amazing". I have deduced that the Sherlock Fandom is awesome. 

4. Friendships grow at cons. 
Whether it's old friends you have come with, Internet friends your meeting for the first time or people you talk to in line, sharing the con experience makes it sooooo awesome. Vicki and I got to spend some quality friend time together. We got to meet Jackie and Darren prop-ly and made a new fangirl friend in line in Harley. I'm sad I didn't get to say a proper hello to my Twitter pal Julie but I have a feeling that will come one day. 

5. Fangirl friends are the best kind of friends. 
Outside of the excitement of actually meeting the stars of Sherlock my favourite experience of the weekend involved being with friends. Catching sight of Jackie across the room and running over waving pictures and fangirling unapologetically. Making the most of every moment the four of us went for tea on the Saturday night and had a show and tell session. Getting all our pictures out to have a proper look at and telling our stories of what we said to who. Just reliving the day, really extending the fun with Prosecco and Pizza! They are there for the highs and the lows. When the weekend was over we were so sad to go back to normal life we were there for each other too. Because no one really gets it like fangirls do. Friends will be excited to see your pictures and will want little anecdotes. BUT fangirl friends will repeatedly listen to your blow by blow account and be excited even though they were stood next to you when it happened! And join in a chorus of "I want to do it all again" with a verse of "Take me back" and an extended mix of "Where is my time machine". 
So in conclusion planning and preparation make for a good experience. The meeting your idols and them being lovely humans makes it wonderful but sharing the experience with friends makes a convention truly, truly epic. Thank you.

Much Love 
Charlie x


  1. I wasn't expecting a roundup post but this has just closed the loop perfectly. Everything you say about the fandom is true and of course there's some great advice in here too! Definitely around shoes and budgets lol! You're right you could just keep on spending money forever at conventions!

    It was a perfect experience and a pleasure to share it with you and Jackie and Darren. It will be the weekend that all other weekends are judged against. It was as you say truly, truly epic xx

    1. It just felt right to do a round up. I'm super pleased you liked it! I hope other people who are going to a convention for the first time get some tips!

      And thank you for making it fabulous! xxxx

  2. I may be in love with your blog!
    Loved this post!
    I 100% agree. Fangirl friends are just amazing and understand!
    Meeting you both made the experience that much better and I love that I actually spoke to you two because I was super nervous to disturb anybody from there little groups and I was just there with my mum because my friends didn't want to come with me. But you two were just amazing. Thank you for everything!
    I can't wait for next year at all! I just hope they bring it back!

    1. Aww you big cutie! Well you were obviously meant to talk to us! "The universe is rarely so lazy". Me too I hope they do it all again bigger and better and we can catch up! I'm super glad you found us on Instagram! xx

    2. I know!! I was looking on hashtags and saw Vicki's picture and was like "Wooooooow! I know her!!!" xD
      I honestly can't wait for next year! They better do it again!! xx

    3. They better had or they will have me to answer too! Lol!

  3. Like Vicki said, this round up sums up the weekend perfectly! And I agree, it's so important to find your 'tribe' and our fandoms allow us to do just that - and so much more! It's heartwarming to find people who 'get' you… no explanations necessary. And we get each other and for that I'm eternally grateful! Fangirl friends are the best friends! I just fear that future adventures in London will fail to stack up against this one. Really, how can they? That said, I'm sure we'll try! xo

    1. Yes! Finding your tribe is such s good way to put it! No explanations necessary. Our next trips have a lot to live up to but if we are together again I envisage much fun!! xx

  4. A budget is always the hardest! I don't think I even make one. LOL

    1. Oh I could not be trusted without one!