Saturday, 27 August 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Strong Female Character

It's that time of the month again!!! No not that one.... The good one where we all get to dress up and have fun!! Casual Cosplay Connections is a blog link up hosted by myself and Danielle 
Check out the original post here! This months theme is Strong Female Character! 

Ah, Buffy. Buffy was my first fandom and where casual cosplay started with me!! I idolised this girl who looked like she couldn't hurt a fly but regularly kicked butt and save the world. Like me at high school she didn't fit in but she didn't care she had her friends and they had her back. She was cute, flawed, funny, she made mistakes and learned from them!! God I love her. So I started to dress like her in the hope I'd also get some of her strength. So I absolutely HAD to give off some Buffy vibes this month. 
I've gone for classic black base layer! Buffy loved a vest top and heels!! 
Of course I had to accessorise with my cross and heart earrings!! 
Make up I kept bright and girly because Buffster was at heart a girly girl! 
I added this fun jacket because although Buffy saved the world a lot she didn't always wear the most practical outfits!! 

Loved dressing like Buffy! I didn't save the world but I did win the pub quiz!! 
Don't forget to tag us in!! We love to see your looks!!

Much love
Charlie xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

HLHT - Vision Varnish

Taking advantage of Jaspers naps I've managed to do some more nerdy nails! This is my Vision inspired manicure. It's super simple and looks very sophisticated!

I'm using my gel varnish kit but it will work just as well with normal varnish just make sure you leave time to dry! 
You need: 
Maroon Nail Varnish 
Gold Nail Varnish 
Dotting tool (if you don't have one a cocktail stick will work too) 

First up paint your nails in the base colour Maroon.

Next with the dotting tool place a gold dot at the base of each nail. Which as you can probably guess represents the Mind Stone.

It looks pretty if you leave it like that but I decided to add a feature nail just to break up the pattern. 

Cover with a top cost and ta dah!! 

Geeky yet glamorous nails! 

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. If you have any suggestions  for future nerdy nails do let me know and I'll give it my best shot!! 

Much love
Charlie xx