Saturday, 23 May 2015

Happy Little How Too - Loki Manicure

Ah Loki. 
Loki, Loki, Loki. 
Thanks to divine Thomas Hiddleston Loki is probably one of the most adored villains in recent cinematic history. I for one am a proud member of Loki's army. So I'll be using this post as an excuse for some Hiddles-pics.... No I'm not sorry! 
Today I'm bringing a bit of geek into my life in a really fun and subtle way with my Loki themed nails. I'm not going to tell you how to paint your nails I'm guessing you've got that down. I have a home gel nail polish kit which I use to paint my nails. I adore it and my nail varnish lasts a good two weeks. But this look will work exactly the same with regular nail varnish. 
For this look you will need:
Green Nail Polish
Black Nail Polish
Gold Glitter Nail Polish 
Matte Top Coat Nail Polish. 
Taking my inspiration from Loki's Armour green and black were obviously the colours to go with. I added the matte top coat to bring in the different textures and the gold glitter as a highlight. 
Being a geek I didn't go straight to painting my nails I had a little practice on a nail wheel first. I wanted to get a good idea of colour combinations and what patterns to use.
On my right hand the colours go thumb to pinky: Green, Matte Green, Black, Green Base Gold Glitter, Black Matte. 
On my left hand the colours go thumb to pinky: Black, Matte Black, Green, Black Base Gold Glitter, Green Matte. 
To the uninitiated I simply have glamorous nails but I am in fact burdened with glorious nails fit for the King of Asgard. 
Much Love
Charlie x


  1. I bow down to you and your perfectly painted nails, Charlie! Your instructions are wonderful, but I would probably make a mess if I tried! I'll just admire your beautiful nails from afar. Such a great idea, too. Glam AND geeky! x

  2. I can not express how much I 💚💚💚💚💚 these nails! So Loki! Xx

    1. I'm rather proud of them!! Glad you like!

  3. This was one of the best posts on Nails I have seen in awhile...and love the photos especially of the nail polish brushes. I shall try this one day.

    1. Ah your comment has made my day! Thank you Jasmine! If you do try out the nails do send me a pic of love to see! x