Friday, 14 August 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Fandom Phrases

A quick last minute entry for some of my fandom phrases I count resist as I'm forever spouting lines from films or TV these are just some of my favourites at the moment.

1. The Big Bang Theory
This whole show is full of funny quips and one liners. This is the quote I use most often when I'm answering to the phone to my sister. She loves it......... No she doesn't.

2. Sherlock
My favourite phrase from Sherlock. I use it with annoying regularity! Anytime a coincidence is mentioned with in a 50 ft radius of me.

3. Doctor Who
Any worth while journey starts with a loud cry of ALLONS-Y! You know it's true.

4. Pride
I couldn't fit the entire script for Pride in the little picture. When Jackie, Vicki and I talk I'd say 60% of the conversation is peppered with Pride quotes and on our recent trip to London we pretty much just communicated in quote form.

5. New Girl
Most often heard when enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage with my ladies. We all love Jess and her kooky ways. This latest season is the best so far! Shut it down!

Thanks to the Megan at The Nerdy Girlie and Kristin at Super Space Chick for starting all the fun. I have enjoyed getting back in on the Fndom 5 action!

Much love
Charlie xx

Nerdy Birthday Wishlist!

I've seen a few blogs with wish lists on and I thought they looked fun! As August is my birthday month it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share some of the lovely things I have been lusting after lately.... 

Deathly Hallows Necklace.
As pretty big Potterhead it shames me to say I have no Deathly Hallows themed jewellery. I would love a classic and simple necklace to jazz up any of my Harry Potter cosplays. I have a lovely yellow dress that's just waiting to be a Luna cosplay with the addition of this necklace from Lumos Accessories on Etsy.

12th Doctor Earrings. 
I 100% need these for the Doctor Who Festival in November! They are perfection. Look at his grumpy face! I love how one has the Sonic Screwdriver ready for action. Check out all the other wonderful nerdy accessories there are at

Galaxy print dress.
I am OBBSESSED by galaxy print. I love it deeply with all my heart. I want it on my person at all times. I adore this made to order dress by Cyanidekissx on Etsy. I think I look at it daily. But seriously though. Look at all the pretty! 

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1.
Ok so I'll admit this is so I can feed my ever growing crush on Fitz. I mean who doesn't love a man with a large..... Brain. Talk nerdy to me Leo! 

Rivers of London - Graphic Novel
I am a bit behind the times since I just discovered one of my favourite book series is being made into graphic novels. This pleases me enormously. Hopefully I can persuade my nerdy ladies to let me go to Forbidden Planet when we are in London..... Pretty please Vicki and Jackie?! *Smiles sweetly* 

Agent Carter Funko Pop
She would make a wonderful addition to my small (Loki and Buffy) Funko Pop! collection. I adore Agent Carter and all that she stands for! It's only right that she have a little shrine! 
Anyway! Do you know any good handmade, Etsy or nerdy shops I should check out? Do you make any geeky items! Let me know I'd love to check it out! Happy August Geeks!! 

Much love 
Charlie xx