Friday, 13 March 2015

OOTD - Red Nose Day T-Shirt

It's Red Nose Day 2015 and good eggs all over the UK will be donning red noses and making their faces funny for money! I'm particularly fond of Comic Relief they do brilliant work in the UK and Africa and they have supported my company Jigsaw Dance. They funded our projects helping bring dance and fitness to adults with learning disabilities. 
I love buying the red nose T-shirts. I think my favourite one was from the 90's when the big red nose changed colour in the heat. This year TK Maxx have done a fabulous range. You can still buy them here. I'm going to be showing you 4 different ways you can style yours. 

Style 1: Tom Hiddleston. 
So for this look you won't be wearing the T-shirt your Tom Hiddleston will. But look how handsome he looks in it. Key elements for this look are: adorable noodle hair, glasses on or off, a jacket on his shoulders and jeans. I'm sure you agree this is an excellent look for any T-shirt.
If like me you sadly don't have a Tom Hiddleston lying around for you to dress in you RND tee the here are some other style suggestions. 

Style 2: Dressed up.
For this look I've paired the tee with a red & black tartan skirt, tights and my trusty black boots. Giving the t-shirt a fun and edgy look.
Style 3: Classic. 
This time I've kept it simple and gone for classic black jeans and a jacket.My little wedges keep the look smart. Ballet flats or trainers would make the look more casual.

Style 4: My Style. 
This is how I will actually be wearing my Red Nose Day T-shirt today. Once again I'll be keeping it practical as I'll be teaching lots of Zumba today. So leggings and trainers are the order of the day! I will be accessorising with red ribbons in my hair and of course a red nose. Not sure how long that will last while I'm teaching!!
Have you supported Red Nose Day by buying a T-shirt? How are you wearing yours? If you would like to find out more about Comic Relief and the brillant work they do please visit their website. You can also donate through the website too. 
Have a brilliant Red Nose Day I'm off to singalong (badly) to the official Comic Relief single by Sam Smith featuring John Legend. You can download off iTunes here

Much Love
Charlie x

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

HLHT - Simple Adjustable Cord Bracelets

One of my favourite ways to add an extra elements of characters that inspire my everyday cosplay outfits is accessories! For me they make a big difference in bringing my cosplay to life or adding a touch of geek glam to ordinary clothes.

You will need:
  • Waxed linen cord the colour of your choice. This can be found at most craft stores or on Amazon or eBay. 
  • A charm of your choice to represent your chosen character.
  • Scissors.
1. Cut a length of cord approximately twice the length of your wrist.
2. Thread on your charm. If you want to keep your charm from swinging round at this point you can tie two knots either side of the charm to keep it roughly in place.
3. Tie a simple knot round the opposite piece of cord.
4. Repeat with the other end of the cord. You now have an adjustable bracelet. 
You may want to experiment with the length of the cord so you get the right fit for you but make sure it can slip easily on and off your wrist when you need it to.

I think this will go towards a future Arrow cosplay. I hope you enjoyed this Happy Little How To please show me if you make any use #HLHT or tag me in! I'd love to see.

Much Love

Sunday, 8 March 2015

OOTD - International Women's Day

Today I'm celebrating International Women's Day.
I'm so so lucky to live in a country where I'm not excluded from education. I have a voice, a vote, I can stand up and be counted. There are always improvements to be made as we try and reach I higher standards for future generations of women but all in all I'm lucky. 
So this outfit is dedicated to all of my brilliant, intelligent, beautiful,  strong, powerful sisters. We are all wonderful women. 

Much love
Charlie x

We are all Wonder Women image from:

Friday, 6 March 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favorite Snacks/Drinks To Consume While Blogging

Ah food and drink two of my very favourite things! 

1. My all time favourite snack to be consumed anywhere is a Peanut Butter Kit Kat Chunky. Mmmmmm sweet salty heaven. 

2. I have a bad fizzy pop addiction. I know they are hideous for my teeth and waist line but they are so darn delicious! The king of all these is Dr Pepper. 

3. Apple and Peanut Butter. Is my snack of choice if I'm attempting to eat healthy and my sweet tooth needs satisfying. My favourite apples are Pink Lady's the most sophisticated of the apples.

4. If I a writing up an outfit of the day post on a Saturday night I will also be enjoying a Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer. Refreshing and delicious! 

5. If I am writing up a post on a Sunday evening I'll be enjoying Cookie Dough deliciousness from my buddies Ben & Jerry! 

So as you can see I am a blogger with a major sweet tooth. Chocolate is an excellent motivational tool for me so if you ever need me to do you a favour bring me a Chunk Kit Kat and your wish is my command!! 

Much Love
Charlie x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

OOTD - Reggie & Ray - Pride

This weekend my cosplay is celebrating the release of Pride on DVD in the UK! I'm super excited for the arrival of mine in the post tomorrow.
It really is a beautiful British film with a wonderful cast, Andrew Scott, Imelda Staunton, Bill Nighy, Ben Schnetzer and George MacKay to name but a few.
The true story of how a group of lesbian and gay activists form an unlikely alliance with striking miners from South Wales. I laughed. I cried. I cried and laughed simultaneously! It is a brilliant film and comes with a hearty recommendation. 
My first cosplay from Pride are the co-ordinated cuties Reggie and Ray! 

The best thing about creating this cosplay was I didn't buy anything new for it. I really loved rummaging around my wardrobe and figuring out what would work!

Saturday was Reggie. Navy V-Neck sweater and blue bird patterned blouse. 

Sunday is Ray. Cream V-Neck sweater and horse patterned blouse. 

Loved cosplaying these guys. If I had a Prider chum who lived closer we'd be Reggie and Ray together! More Pride outfits on the way. I need to dig out my hair crimpers if I'm going to do a Steph cosplay!

"To have a friend you never new existed. Well, that's the best feeling in the world." Victory to the Miners!

Much love
Charlie x