Thursday, 31 March 2016

OOTD - Star Trek

I love this casual cosplay. It was so comfy and super fun to wear. Star Trek was one of my first fandoms thanks to my mum and I absolutely love the new movies too. My inspiration for this look was the kick ass Queen of Communications Lieutenant Uhura. I love both incarnations from the original and the reboot. 
This outfit is a great example of how simple casual cosplay can be. I hadn't planned this to be a casual cosplay when I bought the top. I just bought a pretty maternity top. However with cosplay base layers and some key accessories, bam I had a super cute, super easy Star Trek cosplay! My top was probably as long as Uhura's dress in The Original Series! 
I know Uhura is a fan of bigger earrings but I wanted to add my stars to represent travelling amongst them on the USS Enterprise! 
Of course I had to add my Star Trek button as my com badge! 
Black jeans and boots complete the outfit! 
I really hope you like this cosplay as much as me! I'd love to hear your feedback. I'm waiting at the comms desk, scanning all hailing frequencies! 
Much love
Charlie x 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fandom Favourite Baby Grows

I am a pregnerd! (Yes I'm laughing at my own pun) 32 weeks to be precise! I am very much looking forward to becoming mummy. To distract myself from the scary stuff that will happen in approximately 8 weeks time I like to look at nerdy things I can dress baby up in! So here is my round up of the sweetest geekiest baby grows I can find! 

Universal Wear
I mean it's just all of the cuteness!

I am under no illusions that our little one will be King or Queen of the castle and I as the hand will do their bidding! ;)
It says GIGGLESWATTS you guys! Too cute!

The Retrostate Etsy page is full of super cute nerdy onesies but this is my favourite you know why.

You read it in Seamus's voice didn't you?!?

I love all the tees on Jordandene's sight and with these onesies me and Baby Roberts can be twinsies!! 

I love the range at Mothercare. There are more cute things but these are my favourites! 

Mothercare Baby K Collection
Mothercare Wonder Woman

Mothercare R2D2

I hope you enjoyed all this cuteness. I'm now trying to resist spending all my monies!!

Much Love 
Charlie x 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fandom Favourite Accessories

I have had a jolly good sort out of all my jewellery. I have boxes of the stuff and only ever wear the same thing because I can't be bothered hunting through to find it!! I didn't quite realise how much fandom jewellery I had until I had everything organised. So I thought I'd feature some of my favourite geeky accessories. 

Fandom specific jewellery is a great way to bring a little geek into your everyday outfit. I have been lucky to get lots of cool presents and been able to treat myself to some awesome pieces. You may have seen some of these before as part of my closet cosplays but I thought it was time they took centre stage.

Crack in Time and Space Necklace from The Colorful Geek

Tesseract Necklace from The Beee Hive

Deathly Hallows Necklace from the Hubby

Dalek Earrings from my chum Vicki

Tardis earrings from my Zumba Queens

Hope you like this little peak into my jewellery box! What are your favourite fandom accessories? Comment below or tag me in @charliefaith28 on Instagram.

Much love 
Charlie x 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

OOTD -Patronus

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My hubby James bought me this lovely scarf for Christmas. He was thinking cute winter pattern. 

I opened and thought... Expecto Patronum because that's how my geek brain works. I saw the beautiful Stag and Doe pattern and I knew I had to do an everyday cosplay of a Patronus. 
Picture from
Base layer for this was blue jeans, grey top and grey pumps. Baby bump not essential to this look but I have to work with it!! Haha!  I took inspiration from the outfits used in the Harry Potter movies. I felt a bit like a Ravenclaw off to Hogsmead. 

For patronus eyes I used blue liquid eyeliner and silver glitter for that magical shimmer. 

I chose my blue and silver heart charm bracelet and earrings to represent the happy memories you need to conjure a patronus. 

Lastly to complete the look I added my scarf. 

I hope you like my everyday patronus cosplay. It's a fun comfy outfit you can wear anytime! I wore it for brunch at my Mums on Mother's Day! 

Much Love 
Charlie x