Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Best Weekend Ever - Part 5: Sherlocked Scottie Sunday

My alarm beeped me awake. As I lay there I realised EVERYTHING ached, feet, legs, back, shoulders. On any other day I would have groaned and rolled. However this was not just any day. This was Andrew Scott day and I sprung out of bed with glee! Having been very careful with our pennies Vicki and I decided we had to get Andrew Scott's autograph. Vicki wanted to add to her Pride T-shirt signature collection that now already boasted Ben Schnetzer and George MacKay and I wanted him to sign my Pride DVD.
As I stood in line DVD out ready to be signed, I could see Andrew chatting, signing and being lovely. Wow is he handsome. I mean he is in pictures but in real life it's just something else. Vicki went first (of course) and Andrew was thrilled to sign her t-shirt and had a look at the other signatures. Vicki explained she'd seen Ben Schnetzer's play in New York and Andrew praised his Irish accent in Pride. When Vicki met Ben she told him she was seeing Andrew that week (At Mark Gatiss and friends in support of LLGS) and Ben told her to say hi. So 5 months late she passed that message on! Andrew in mock annoyance said "Vicki where have you been I have been waiting ages for that message" he was super funny and sweet. 
Then it was my turn. He said hi Charlotte and began to sign my DVD. Inside my head I was telling myself. Say words Charlotte speak to him. And I suddenly blurted out "Pride was my favourite movie of last year I just love it" he thanked me. Then I told him that we went to see George MacKay's play on Thursday night. I will never forget how he looked up face all lit up and animated as he asked about the play, did we enjoy it and we told him it was wonderful and George was fantastic. He said I need to go and see it. It lovely how supportive he is of other people's work and how genuinely interested in our opinions he was. And with a lovely to meet you we were out the door. A little stunned and shocked we stared at our autographs in disbelief. Did that really Just happen?! 
Next couple of hours we spent taking in everything that Sherlocked had to offer. Looking at the stalls, buying souvenirs and admiring all the props costumes and sets set up around the arena. There was a huge double decker bus with Sherlock on one side and Moriarty on the other, 221b set, Mycrofts office, a taxi and the iconic front door. We had a grand time posing on all the sets and taking lots of pictures.
Being that it was my first con I was super excited to see all the cosplayers round and about the venue. I saw some amazing ones and wished I'd had the courage to ask for pictures with the, but I didn't want to be a bother. So I really enjoyed the Cosplay display on the second stage. The detail in the outfits and the was they portrayed the character was amazing! I don't know how they picked a winner! I particularly enjoyed the props and costume exhibit. Getting up close to all the outfits and seeing all the detail the put into the show is amazing. Nothing is left to chance on Sherlock. Being interested in casual cosplay I was interested the little details I could use in an everyday outfit and got some great ideas! 
Before we knew it it was time for our last photo op of the convention. This time with the lovely Andrew Scott. I was so pleased we had had time with him in the morning too. He was so lovely and it completely calmed my nerves for our picture. Once again with the efficient staff the line moved quickly and Vicki and I had decided we wanted a "victory to the miners" fist pump in our pictures. It was great to see as we waited how lovely Andrew was and how great at interacting with his fans. Which made me feel miles better about asking him to do a different pose. Vicki went first. Standard. And as she was about to have her picture it didn't look like she was going to ask him to do it so waiting in the wings I just shouted "victory to the miners" and Vicki got her shot! My go... "Can I get a Victory to the Miners too?" "of course you can sweetheart." And with a flash my time with Andrew Scott was done. 
This brings me to the end of the Sherlocked experience. With a quick goodbye to Jackie and Darren, Vicki and I headed to the station for our train journey home. Back to normal life which just wouldn't quite be the same again! 
I really hope you enjoyed reading my experiences at Sherlocked. I've loved reliving it all! Did you go to Sherlocked? I'd love to hear your tales too. Please comment below. 

Much Love 
Charlie x


  1. Aw, Andrew. The best part of Sherlocked (yes, I'm biased). Another fantastic recap. We really need a Tardis to take us back there - now! xo

    1. As a badge wearing card holding Scottie you can be as bias as you like!! He was an absolute angel and I loved every second I spent with him!! Where is that Doctor when you need him!!!

  2. Agreed, Andrew is a complete angel. Whilst meeting Benedict was incredible, he was somewhat other worldly whereas Andrew was just so normal. Down to earth and massively handsome. Having that time with him in the autograph pod was worth every penny. What a wonderful man.

    A wonderful recap on the Sunday. I miss it lots xx

    1. Totally agree, two complete different and equally brilliant experiences meeting Benedict and Andrew! Andrew is such a sweetheart you can see why he's got such a loyal fanbase of Scottie's he adores his fans!

      I miss it tooooooooo x

  3. Having seen Andrew first thing on Sat morning for autographs and then late in the afternoon on Sunday, I feel that I can honestly say that he did not seem bored, fed up or over the whole "meeting the fans" thing. He seemed somewhat tired on Sunday but who wouldn't be? (I know I was completely knackered!). He still greeted everyone with enthusiasm, warmth and genuine interest. Such a pro, such a dear, authentic man. Makes me proud to be his fan.

    1. You should be proud he is so generous with his time and happy to be with his fans.