Friday, 15 May 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Your 5 Most Binge Worthy Shows

1. Buffy 
The original and best. Got me through many a student hangover and helped me procrastinate and not study! Happy times. It's still my constant favourite to watch and watch some more. It's the go to box set when I am under the weather. 

2. Doctor Who 
There is an episode for every mood. If I'm down and need to get a good cry out of my system I pick the sad ones. Or if I need a good old giggle I pick all the really silly episodes. Putting on Doctor Who is like being with old friends. I could watch it all the wibbley wobbley timey wimey.

3.The West Wing 
I never watched this when it was on TV. So we got the complete series as a boxset and watched constantly for about 6 months. I wasn't sure when the hubby first suggested it but I quickly got addicted. Other shows had to be pretty damn good to beat this one it is quick, funny and taught me everything I know about American politics!! 

4. Game of Thrones 
I came to this quite late. Like season four late. We went on a rainy caravan holiday and took season one with us for evening entertainment. Needless to say in two days we needed to buy season 2. Addicted. I was so disappointed when I went outside and no one was wearing fur capes or carrying swords. 

5.Once Upon A Time 
This is my latest TV addiction. Tele like this is what Netflix was made for. Whenever I get the chance I stock up on snacks and drinks and hold up in bed watching episode after episode! Halfway through season 2 so far and I have got 3 friends addicted too. 

What do you love to binge watch? I'd love to know.

Much Love
Charlie x


  1. I love reading about shows that people binge-watch. Dr. Who is an excellent one, I agree! Even though there aren't a ton of them, I still like Sherlock binges. I'm also partial to Mr. Selfridge binges as well as Mad Men. It's been ages since I watched the West Wing so perhaps I should revisit it.

    1. Jackie I was in two minds about adding Sherlock. I am in fact binge watching series three right now. Can I have a bonus ball pick?!

  2. I think that's allowed… go for it!

    1. Then I pick Sherlock as my extra one!!

  3. Yesss!! I LOVE ONCE UPON A TIME! And I love meeting more Once fans! You are on season 2 huh... get ready because it just gets better and better!! :)


    1. It's crazy addictive. It's such a clever show! The husband is out today so me and Netflix have a date!!!