Friday, 30 January 2015

5 Fandom Friday: Favourite Fandom Accessories I Own.

I have just started my little blog so this is my first ever 5 Fandom Friday. I'm super excited to share it with you! I do love my fandom accessories. It's great to have a little bit of something you love with you everywhere you go. 

1. Police Box Bracelet
I adore this bracelet. I was overjoyed when I saw it in the shop at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. It was very reasonably priced and it finishes my TARDIS casual Cosplay outfit off perfectly!

2. Marvel Belt

I reclaimed this from the men's section in Asda. I do get very annoyed that shops think superhero stuff is just for boys but that's a blog for another day! (gets off soapbox) It's reversible with a sensible black side but I prefer to display the colourful side with Cap, The Hulk, Iron Man and Thor in all their Marvel glory!

3. Wonder Woman Converse

I mean come on! Look at all the pretty! How beautiful are these shoes? They are utterly perfect. I'm very particular about when I wear them they are precious and I don't want them getting dirty. They are extra special as they come with the memory of a fab weekend of girlie geeking and major fangirling with the lovely Vicki. She gets me ya know!

4. Marauders Map T-shirt.

A gift from my sister. I have always loved this quote from Harry Potter it's fun and cheeky. This tshirt is a gorgeous fit and a lovely colour! 

5. Doctor Who Gloves

Another present from my sister. She gives a good gift! I love these gloves the are really well made and keep my hands nice and warm while leaving my fingers free to text. They really make me smile. I think the little fez is brilliant. Even my accessories have accessories! 

I really hope you enjoyed looking at my favourite accessories. Please share your favourites with me below. 

Much Love 
Charlie x

Monday, 26 January 2015

Sunny Sunday Afternoon

We had a lovely sunny afternoon at Brimstage Hall. It's a sweet old sandstone stables, courtyard and hall that has been converted into shops and cafes. Perfect for a Sunday outing. I'm very lucky as it is only a ten minute drive from my house!
There are all sorts of shops to have a look round and lots of the pieces are hand crafted. There are beautiful home decor items, original art works and antiques. It's one of my favourite places to go to look round. Sadly my favourite, the craft shop has closed down but I think my Hubby was a little relieved as I can go a bit spend crazy in their. 
Tradition dictates that a trip to Brimstage Hall is not complete without a visit to the Country Mouse Restaurant and Tea Room for a hot chocolate and cake. We had a delicious and warm Eccles Cake, which is spiced currants in flaky puff pastry originating from Eccles in Lancashire.
We decided to walk of our cake on the banks of the River Dee with a gorgeous view of Wales. Which certainly blew the cobwebs away! 
After that we retreated inside to the warmth of a blanket and a Harry Potter marathon! A pretty perfect Sunday. 

I hope you all had lovely weekend!
Much love
Charlie x

Sunday, 25 January 2015

OOTD - Hermione Granger

Today's outfit post is all about Miss Hermione Jean Granger. She really is the brightest witch of her age! Hermione is brilliant. She's clever, loyal, quick thinking and does her very best to keep those boys out of trouble. I absolutely adore the Harry Potter books and although the movies have their faults I love being swept up in magic and adventure. Especially on a cold Sunday afternoon with a blanket and a hot chocolate. 
This look is fun and super easy to wear. I like to imagine it's what Hermione might wear to support Harry, Ron and the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. 
I love my Gryffindor t-shirt. I feel proud of my house when I have it on. Plus it's a really comfy cut for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. I have put a black long sleeve top underneath. It's cold outside so I am all about layers! 
On my bottom half I am wearing berry red jeggins to match the colours in the Gryffindor crest. I am very pleased with how this colour tones in. But you could just as easily wear blue denim as this is the colour we most often see Hermione in. 
Hermione is an intelligent girl and although she likes to dress up and wear heels on special occasions, she knows they aren't very sensible for battling dark wizards in. So I am wearing black ballet pumps, chic and practical. Hermione would be proud. When I go out later I will be wrapping up in my big winter coat but if the weather was a little kinder I would complete this look with a denim jacket and Gryffindor scarf. 

I haven't added any accessories today as I'm keeping this look casual. I hope you have enjoyed today's post and it has inspired you to put a little magic in your outfit. Please leave comments or questions. If you do any Hermione cosplays of your own please send them to me or hashtag #HappyLittleGeek so I can find them. 

Much Love
Charlie x

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Happy Little How To: Irene Adler - Make up.

Welcome to my first Happy Little How To. I'm super excited to share it!
I'm starting with an Irene Adler make up tutorial. The look I will be recreating is from the BBC's Sherlock staring the stunning Lara Pulver. (Well this seems like an excellent excuse to post a picture of Sherlock himself Benedict Cumberbatch.... swoon)
Who wouldn't want to emulate the style of the the woman that turned the head of Sherlock. She is powerful, sexy, clever and can go toe to toe with Mr Holmes. Yes 'The Woman' is definitely the look to go for when you want to feel confident enough to take on the world. In 'A Scandal in Belgravia' Irene Adler prepares for Sherlocks arrival. This gives us lots of gorgeous close ups of her make up to copy.
The only thing I needed to purchase specifically for this look was the turquoise eyeliner which, along with her 'blood' red lips, are key to her signature look. There are lots of lovely metallic turquoise eyeliners out there. So you should be able to find one that matches your skin tone. I bought mine for £1.00 from Superdrugs MUA collection and it works a treat! 
The first few of steps are just your base layers so carry on with your make up routine as normalBelow I've explained how I start my beauty routine! 

Apply a base layer of primer and foundation. I use Boots No 7 in Warm Ivory. Next a sweep of bronzer as alas I'm not blessed with the porcelain perfection that is Lara Pulver's skin tone. Then some pink blush on the apples of my cheeks gives me a fresh look. Don't rush the basics. Irene's look is flawless so a good base is very important.
Irene's liner is a thin line along her lashes and doesn't go past the lash line. However I like a little wing and flick! I have not found a better eyeliner than Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour Felt Tip Liner. It's sooooo easy to put on and it finishes like liquid.
Now above the black apply the turquoise liner. A defined line so the colour really stands out. This colour pop is essential to Irene Adler's eyes so take your time and get it nice and neat. 

Next in the corner of your eye add a touch of smoky grey to add a bit more drama to the look. I like to smudge a little grey into the socket line.Finally for the eyes lashings of mascara! If you have one use an eyelash curler to add length and curl to your lashes.
Your eyes are done! 
To complete this look you need some fabulous red lipstick. In Sherlock Irene requests the colour 'Blood' for her lips. However I'm a little sweeter than my favourite dominatrix so I love 'Cherry Pie' Super Stay 24 Hour Color by Maybelline. But I sense that a request for 'Cherry Pie' would not have had the same dramatic effect even in Lara's sultry tones. I love this lipstick. Once on it does not budge. You only need to top up the glossy top coat to keep you lips looking glamorous! 
And Ta Da! I'm done. All I need to work on is my mischievous smile and I'm ready to take on Sherlock Holmes and the British Government.......... Or a night of cocktails with the girls.... Probably the cocktails. 
I hope you enjoyed the first tutorial. I really enjoyed putting it together. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment. If you have a go at the tutorial and post a picture to social media please use the hashtag #HLHT so I can find it! I'd love to see a little army of Irene's taking over the world! 
Much Love 
Charlie x 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happy Little How To

I'm a nerd on a budget so buying lots of jewellery, accessories and clothes isn't always possible as much as I'd love too! I spend hours on Etsy looking at all the gorgeous fandom inspired items! Gosh there are some talented people out there. But as is usually, and quite rightly, the case with hand crafted items they can be expensive as lots of love, attention and time has gone into making them. Like these super cute Doctor Who gloves from Geekier Than Thou on Etsy that my sister bought me for Christmas! They are seriously fabulous. Look at the little Fez. How adorable! 

So I decided to have a go myself. Here at Happy Little Geek I will be posting some Happy Little How To's. These will be anything from make up tutorials to step-by-step crafts. They will all be fandom inspired and help you bring geeky loves into everyday outfits. Most importantly they will be simple, inexpensive and fun to do!

If you have fandom friends you can share the cost of the materials and have a craft party. Chatting all things geek as you make. You can make them as presents or keep all the goodies for yourself! Either way I hope you have fun with them. Keep an eye out for the first "Happy Little How To" and please send me your pictures if you follow any of the tutorials I'd LOVE to see what you've done! 

Much love Charlie

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oh This Dress

I was out shopping today, for the Hubsters birthday presents, when I popped into H&M to look for a shirt for him. As I walked in this dress caught my eye and it was love at first sight! Gorgeous v-neck and amazing nipped in waist. I HAD to try it on! So I ran off to the fitting room as fast as I could. 

Well I have to say it felt really good on, the style is extremely flattering and I love the shape of the skirt. It has pockets! On the back there is a gold feature zip and a cut out section. As soon as I saw that a cosplay idea popped into my head for one of my total girl crushes. The outfit is not complete yet but I can't wait to share it when it is! Here's a sneak peak for now! 

I wonder if can guess who my girl crush is from this? I'll give you a clue she's a tech savvy, smoking hot blonde....... Leave your guesses in the comments below!! 

Much love 
Charlie x

Monday, 12 January 2015


My first outfit of the day post is one of my favourites: The TARDIS
I love to geek out about Doctor Who! I thought the Christmas Special was wonderful and I'm so happy Clara is staying for another season. I love her! But that's a story for another post. Today is about the TARDIS.
Yes I'm going to be dressing like a big blue box that travels in time and space.

The key to any casual cosplay of the TARDIS is the colour blue. Wear as much blue as humanly possible! Today I have gone for my blue denim skirt with blue zip up cardigan. I love the zip detail on the cardi, the silver adds a futuristic touch. I'm wearing a cream top underneath as the v-neck shows a panel of cream which to me looks like the TARDIS windows. 
Now for the fun part.... accessories!!! They turn a cute outfit into cosplay.

Every good TARDIS needs a key. I'm dressing it up today so I have gone for my sparkly key. In keeping with my sparkly key I have added my star earrings. To up the amount of blue I am wearing I have also opted for dark blue eyeliner today as I feel you can't wear enough blue when your the TARDIS! 
A galaxy of stars and planets to explore are wrapped round my neck. This is my favourite scarf. It really adds a space element for my TARDIS to explore! Other than the colour blue the other iconic thing about the TARDIS is the white lettering around the top. This year I was lucky enough to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, I was the happiest little geek that day! In the gift shop at the end of the day I found a bracelet that finished off my cosplay perfectly. I could not leave without it! 


I love, love, love this outfit! It's geeky but girly, a classic Ninja Nerd look. I am ready for a day of shopping and lunch with my girlfriends. Little do they know they'll be with the TARDIS who has just landed from her last great adventure with The Doctor! 

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave comments and ideas for future everyday cosplay below. 

Much love 

(I found the TARDIS picture at the top of the blog on google but I can't find a name of the clever person who did it. If you know please tell me I'd like to give credit to them. Thanks)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Charlie the Ninja Nerd.

"You're a Ninja Nerd!"

This was the comment that started me on this little journey. It was how I was described by a friends husband when I took him by surprise launching into an in depth opinion of the 12th Doctors up coming series. He didn't expect me to have such deep interest in it. He didn't expect me to have such good knowledge which I took offence to and let him know. Then he said it "You're a Ninja Nerd" and I thought hey, I like that. That's a pretty damn good description of me!

I have always been a geek and passionate about things that other girls don't always find "cool". At high school I loved Mulder and Angel the way other girls crushed on Take That. I loved Sci-fi not soaps!

Even then I styled some of my outfits on my favourite characters; a shift dress, boots and a big cross to be Buffy, a silver shirt and silver make up and I'd be 7 of 9. I never told anyone that's how I was dressing. If anyone guessed I'd be very surprised and say that it was a coincidence! I'd also probably blush profusely. It's not that I'm a shy girl it's just I wasn't confident in sharing my passions. When your younger you can care a lot what other people think and as my interests weren't mainstream girly I kept them low key with people who weren't my good friends!

It wasn't until recently I found out there was a name for what I was doing! Everyday Cosplay apparently. I love it. I love finding accessories that make me 221b Baker Street, wearing my tweed jacket that turns me into Giles or in my flowery dress and boots I become Clara. I can take on the world in these outfits, they are simple to do and subtle to wear. I want to bring my passions into my everyday life. They make me happy!

As I got older have I grown happier with my geek status. I care less if people catch me being overly enthusiastic about a detail I discovered watching Sherlock or how excited I am in the run up to a new series of Doctor Who. If people call me a geek I say thank you. In my opinion it's a compliment! 

So I'm Charlie the Ninja Nerd bringing everyday cosplay to the streets of the UK and boy does it make me a Happy Little Geek!