Sunday, 17 May 2015

OOTD: Sherlocked the Event - Holmes and Watson

As soon as I booked my tickets to Sherlocked I knew I had to get some casual cosplay together. First I thought of using my Jim from IT look but I'd already done that and I wanted something new and special for this occasion. As a two day event I needed 2 different outfits and the choice was simple. The consulting detective and his blogger.

Sherlock Holmes 
For Sherlock I wanted the purple shirt under a blazer look. Classic Sherlock. But could I find a blouse anywhere that was a suitable tone of purple. No I could not. I decided that to have the colour was more important to the look than a shirt. I found a purple top that was as close to the purple shirt as possible. Teamed it with black jeans and a blazer and my first look was done. 

John Watson
Two words spring to mind as soon as you think of John Watson check shirt and jumper. So my outfit choice had to include one or both of these items. I went for the check shirt in the end as happily I already has a suitable one in my wardrobe and all of the jumpers I tried on made me feel frumpy! I teamed my blue check shirt with my navy denim skirt. It has military style buttons down the front and I thought they gave a nod to John's military past. 


I wanted to bring in elements from the different characters that make up the world of Sherlock. A fun and simple way to do that was through lots of charm bracelets! With the colourful thread they brought a pop of colour to my outfits. 
I really loved my first experience of casual cosplay at a con. I don't know if anyone spotted my little attempt. I'm sure they did Sherlockians are an observant bunch. I loved all the full Cosplays I think next time I might be more adventurous with my outfits! 

Much Love
Charlie x


  1. I love you you make your cosplay so casual. I'm learning from you with every post. Now that I have my own charm bracelets (courtesy of your good self) I feel that I'm on to a great start!

    1. Ah thank you Jackie! You are on the a road to cosplay one charm bracelet at a time.

  2. Excellent cosplay post!! And whilst I agree you could definitely go all out next time. I think I loved your subtle cosplay more. So delicate in its references!

    1. Oh you are too kind. I don't think I could go full on Cosplay but maybe stronger hints next time. You say such sweet things!