Saturday, 9 May 2015

Best Weekend Ever - Part 2: Pride and Preparation

Now if you have read this blog before you may have picked up on my love for the movie Pride. If you haven't watched it I strongly urge you to. It's the true story of a group of lesbian and gay activists who come together during the miners strike, raising money to support miners and their families. The film shows how these to very different groups become strong but unlikely allies. It is done with warmth, humour and is very, very moving. We took the opportunity of being in London to visit a filming location and a shop very important to the LGSM story. 
Vicki and I awoke bright and early Friday morning. Much to our surprise without hangovers although feeling a little fuzzy. We were up and out as we had arranged to meet Jackie and Darren for breakfast somewhere rather special! The Regency Cafe. The scene of the first meeting between LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) and Dai Donavan a striking miner from South Wales. 
Vicki and I were very excited when we arrived as the table used in filming was free! Sadly by the time we made it to the front of the queue it had been occupied by four very hungry builders and their breakfasts. We found another window seat, Jackie and Darren joined us. As we tucked into a delicious breakfast we took pictures and quoted Pride! I don't know what the people around us thought. We must have sounded quite strange but we had a very happy morning indeed. 
After a few more pics outside we said see you later to Jackie and Darren who were off for a tour of the National Theatre. 

Vicki and I headed off to Gays the Word. When we arrived we spotted an original poster for the Pits and Perverts Benefit Ball. As we were looking at it we got chatting to Jim, a member of Gays the Word staff, about the film and the LGSM story. Simple things that really bring home that it was a true story. Like if LGSM members stepped off the pavement lights outside the shop when they collecting they could have been arrested as they were off the shops property. Some of the things Jim told us especially about Mark Ashton the leader of LGSM gave us goosebumps. One mans idea and a small group showing solidarity for another could make such a big change to the LGBT community. Which is an important lesson for us all to remember at a time when things are going to get tough. A little kindness and support goes a long way. 
It was of exciting to go to the original shop where LGSM were based. The actual shop was not used in filming as it was too small to fit all the cast and crew in. We are already proud owners of Pits and Perverts T-shirts so we each bought an LGSM 30th anniversary pin. I found a copy of Jón Magazine featuring an interview with George MacKay and lots of lovely pictures! 
If your ever in London and a fan of Pride do go to Gays the Word, buy a pin or a book and support an independent book shop and if your lucky get to hear some great stories. With a fond farewell to Jim, Vicki and I headed to the pub of course! Life doesn't get much better for me than being sat outside a pub in London with a cold pint and fabulous company! Lots of laughter and discussing what Jim had just told us made a happy few hours pass quickly. 
Feeling rested an slightly merry Vicki and I headed over to the Excel to register for Sherlocked! What I feared would be a long process was super quick and simple. E-Tickets were scanned and passes given out. Done. We were registered! 
The excitement was building! Next up we headed all the way over to my sisters house on the other side of London. An early night was on the cards so we looked tip top for the next day..... because that was the day we were going to meet Benedict Cumberbatch. Yep. I'm going to be in the same room as......
To be continued....
Much Love
Charlie x 


  1. Love this second part of the weekend!! Being in Gays The Word was so wonderful! Jim was possibly the highlight of the day! As well as finding the George magazine! Squeeee!!!
    Can't believe we also sat in the very same place Prise was filmed. Utterly wonderful!! The cafe was so brilliant! LADY TOAST!!
    I do hope everyone enjoys the next segments, we were floating on a Cumbercloud and then there was Sunday!!! Wahhhh xx

    1. I'm so pleased you like this part too! I'm really enjoying reliving our weekend!

  2. Lady toast! It was fun to finally sit down and have a meal at the Regency Cafe - after passing it on my last several stays in that area of London. Maybe next time we'll score *that* table! xo

    1. It's part of the excitement will we get *THE* table or won't we!! We will have another go in August!!! xx