Friday, 22 May 2015

5 Fandom Friday - 5 Nerdiest Things I've ever done

I sit here in my TARDIS onesie contemplating the nerdiest things I have done. Now I know some people would use the word nerd as an insult but I certainly don't. I think us nerds and geeks are awesome so I'm using this post to share 5 of my awesomely nerdy moments. 

1. I started a blog
I started a blog to document all of my casual cosplay outfits. I spent a lot of time getting outfits together in the style of my favourite characters. So I thought I'd keep a record of them in a blog and if other people fancy reading it too that's great. I've loved meeting other bloggers on line the geek girl blogger community is so friendly! I will spend hours wandering round shops looking for the perfect skirt or accessory to complete my look. I have taken to making my own jewellery as that way I can definitely get in all the geek and fandom references. 

2. PCap face
The excitement was all too much and I made this face when I met Peter Capaldi. If this isn't the face of the happiest little geek you have ever seen I don't know what it is. I met him at the stage door after Mark Gatiss and Friends at the Crucible Theatre. He was so calm and patient with everyone. I told him I loved the way he said Clara and asked him to say it to me. He did and then some! So the reason behind my PCap face is he is saying "Clara, Clara, Clara" repeatedly to me as we are having our picture taken and I am giggling like a school girl. I told him he'd made my year and he thanked me for supporting the show! It was amazing! 

3. I've been on the TARDIS
Not a replica the actual TARDIS used in filming. The real one. I was a truly magical experience. I walked through the the blue doors and stepped on to the TARDIS. I can't describe the feelings I got. I was in awe it's so beautiful and the details are incredible. I got really itchy fingers I was desperate to press a button or put my hands in the psychic link but I fear I would have been kicked out. Best. Birthday. Present. Ever. 

4. I attended my first convention
Ok so I may have mentioned once or twice on this blog I went to Sherlocked! For me this is the ultimate nerd activity. And I loved every second. Being with fellow fangirls, geeking out over details in the exhibitions, getting star struck meeting the cast and just generally immersing myself in Sherlock goodness for a whole weekend. I could have picked 5 nerdy moments just from this weekend as my friends so eloquently said it was a "Whirlwind of Nerdiness". Please take me back!

5. I went looking for places used for filming in my favourite movie
If I'm so lucky to have regular visitors to my blog you will also have picked up on my love..... Nope adoration for the movie Pride. So on a recent trip to London my best fangirls and I went to visit the Regency Cafe and Gay's the Word Bookshop featured in the film. It was awesome. Like being on the set of the movie! Now I want to find more places featured in the film to extend the tour. 

These are my top 5 nerdiest moments! I'd love to find out what yours are comment below or leave a link to you blog so I can come and read yours! If being a nerd is wrong, I don't want to be right!

WOAH WOAH WOAH. Hold it right there. I need a bonus ball!!! How could  I forget to include the time I went on  tour of the locations of Lord of the Rings! That is spectacularly nerdy. On my gap year in New Zealand I arrived in Queenstown with only one thing on my mind. Getting to Middle Earth.
I had saved up my Dollars for this as it was a big splurge. It was money well spent. We spent the morning horseback riding and the afternoon in a 4x4 heading to further locations. I was amazing. I was travelling by myself and it was great to be amongst likeminded people for a spot of unadulterated geeking! It was amazing riding round the beautiful South Island countryside. The views were spectacular and I really felt like a Rider of Rohan! I was particularly lucky as my horse Oscar was actually used in filming. not by anyone famous but that's still super cool right.

Much Love
Charlie x


  1. You look SO happy in your photo! I love it!

    1. Aww thanks B I really was over the moon!

  2. I love how you added that update with NZ! I had no clue that you did this trip! SO AMAZING!!!! That's truly a once in a lifetime experience. ENVIOUS!! And I love all your geeky pursuits. :) x

    1. Even being on the other side of the world does not halt my geeky ways! It was an amazing experience x

  3. I went to NZ as well becaus of LotR and I went to Hobbinton, did a tour in Wellington and Queenstown :)
    I really love all of your points and the sherlock convention looks really cool :)

    1. Oh cool. I never did Hobbiton my coach tour didn't stop close enough for that one! Next time.
      Aww thanks the Sherlock con was awesome!!!