Friday, 26 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Well firstly I need to refer to my fandom King, Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston, as he puts my feelings towards guilty pleasures into an eloquent and succinct quote. Also great excuse for a Hiddles pic. (Credit on picture edit to
Not giving too hoots about flying my nerdy flag high has definitely come with age. I kept my geeky loves as quiet as possible when I was younger and the older I got the less I worried about other people's opinions. I also realised the more I talked about my interests the more I'd meet fellow nerds to geek out with. So my guilty pleasures focus on the times I really get to indulge my fangirl.

1. Marathons
Binge watching shows on Netflix and not getting dressed until 1pm. Or as I like to call it Saturday! Current show of choice is Once Upon A Time. Halfway through season two. No spoilers please. I have a system. If I balance my iPad in my knees my hands are free to reach food and drink! 

2. Encore, Encore! 
Repeatedly watching the same movies and TV shows. Laughing at the same jokes. Crying at the same points every damn time. 

3. Casual Cosplay
The feeling of utter glee when you are cosplaying your fave character and you get a compliment on your outfit!

4. Crushing
Spamming my fellow fangirls with pictures of my crush with captions such as "kdnbvidjnvsoisc" "I can't even" "I'm crushing hard today" "Look at that hair though" and they have my back. They are there with a virtual hug, words of understanding, encouragement and often more pictures! 

5. The Internet 
Yes I realise this is quite a wide ranging subject but I could lose hours and hours disappearing off to the darkest corners of the web. Finding snippets of information on the latest Marvel release, pictures of my latest crushes, researching casual cosplay opinions, general nerdery and geeking out! Heaven. 
Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for starting the 5 Fandom Friday fun. Special thanks this week to Meghan Sara Karre for the great post suggestion. What are your guilty pleasures? How do you indulge your fan-side? 

Much love 
Charlie x

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Geeky Tee Friday - Wish List

I've really enjoyed getting involved with Geeky Tee Friday started by Andrew Younger over at My Geek Heart. Fellow Whovian and all round top nerd Andrew is inspiring us to show some geek pride every Friday.
Getting in on the fun is super easy.
Step 1: Don a suitably geek-tastic tee.
Step 2: Take a Selfie.
Step 3: Upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the Hashtag #GeekyTeeFriday.
VoilĂ  your in the club. It's a great way to link up with fellow nerdy types. 
The only downside so far is me wanting to spend all my monies on new tops!! With many many Friday's ahead I definitely need to up my geeky tee game! So I have put together a wish list of t-shirts that I want to add to my collection.

1. Captain America
I hang my geek head in shame that I don't already own a Cap tee. It makes me sad. Get this tee here.

2. Moriarty 
You read it in his voice didn't you! My favourite quote from the sexiest psychopath around. Get this tee here.

3. Star Labs
Can I work at Star Labs please? Make up meta-human names with Cisco. Go for Coffee with Caitin and Iris. Find myself in danger and have Barry Allen rescue me and fall in love with me..... What's that? To far with the last one! Spoil sports. Get this tee here.

4. Loki 
I want this sooooo hard. Like more than life it's self. Just FYI my birthday is in August! Get this tee here

5. Agent Carter
How cute is this design please! I've just got to get to July then I can basque in a whole series of Agent Peggy Carter's fabulousness. Patience is NOT my thing. I need it now! Get this tee here.

So get your geek on tomorrow. Snap a pic, tag Andrew @MyGeekHeart and me @Charlie_Faith because I'm nosey. Don't forget to #GeekyTeeFriday.
I'm looking forward to seeing what amazing tees my fellow nerdy ladies have. 

Much Love 
Charlie x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

OOTD - Clara Oswald

Inspired by this weeks Fandom 5, I decided to cosplay Clara on Saturday. I wear this outfit a lot, it's one of my favourites but this time I made sure I got some pictures. There will be more Clara cosplays following at some point because I love her and all of her looks but today I'm starting with tartan. Clara loves a skirt and blouse combination. She looks cute and smart. Teacher chic! 
Blouse buttoned up to the top with a necklace underneath is a key look of Clara's.
Today I chosen a similar colour Tartan to the dress she wears in The Name of The Doctor. I also love that she carries a bag. Pretty and practical! 
But the overall outfit echoes the one she wears in The Time of The Doctor / Deep Breath. Either way I'm pretty happy with how this look turned out! 
What do you think? Is Clara the companion with your favourite fashion? Which of her looks is your favourite? 

Much love
Charlie x 

Friday, 19 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday - 5 Characters with my Favourite Fictional Fashion.

I had so much fun writing about characters with my favourite fictional fashion. I would love to raid ALL of these ladies wardrobes. 

1. Clara Oswald - Doctor Who
It is no secret that my love for Miss Clara Oswald knows no bounds. I thoroughly adore her smart and sassy ways! I also love her sense of style and have actively tried to fill my wardrobe with similar pieces. She loves coloured dresses, cute prints, tartan, cardigans and Jackets. I also love that whatever the planet, past, future or present, she always brings her handbag. Which is super handy when you have to carry around a teeny-tiny-TARDIS! 

2. Felicity Smoak - Arrow
The most stylish fictional (I stress fictional as I know you beautiful nerds could give her a run for her money) computer hacking nerd around. In my humble opinion of course. Set in a DC universe that is often quite dark and moody Felicity Smoak is a beacon of colour and light. Figure hugging, block colours and killer heels are a staple of Felicity's wardrobe. She is also a big fan of a keyhole cut out in a dress too. I love how even though she frequently gets caught in increasingly perilous situations her outfits don't get any more practical. Ever. Love her. 

3. Blair Waldorf - Gossip Girl
I love her preppy and perfect sense of style. Queen B ruled the Upper East Side with a clear sense of style. I mainly covet Blairs wardrobe for all the gowns and dresses she wore to all the endless parties, balls, charity galas that happened on Gossip Girl. Oh to have that social life! Blair was a contrast to the free flowing and equally Glamorous Serena Van Der Woodsen. Blair was clean lines and a polished style. Not afraid of colour or accessories she loved hats, headbands and scarves but all of them were chic. Modern day Audrey Hepburn. xoxo

4. Trixie Franklin - Call The Midwife
I adore Trixie. Out of all the Midwives at Nonnotus House, Trixie is definitely the most fashion conscious and I love how her style has evolved as the years have progressed in the series. In the 50's we saw Trixie rocking a wiggle dress like no-one else and looking pretty and perfect in a circle skirt with masses of petticoats. In more recent series she has chopped her hair and her hemline. She is wearing sleeker more 60's style fashions. I'm dying to see how both her character and wardrobe progress with the show. 

5. Holly Golightly - Breakfast at Tiffany's
This is the first time I remember watching a film thinking "I want to dress like that" and being completely crushed that it was the 90's not the 60's, I was an awkward teenager and I was NEVER going to be that stylish. Audrey Hepburn is an utter goddess and I love everything that she has done but Breakfast at Tiffany's is the style I covet most. From the classic black dress that everyone immediately thinks of, her striking orange coat, even in a jumper and her hair wrapped in a towel singing Moon River her style is effortless. I even love her sleep mask with the little closed eyes! Perfection.

I really enjoyed writing this post thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for starting it all. Special thanks this week to @1CuriousWriter for the brilliant post suggestion. It has been a pleasure to write. I love my girls and their fabulous outfits which reminds me I should probably casual cosplay them all at some point! Which outfits do you lust over? Who would make your list? 

Much love 
Charlie x

Friday, 12 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Fictional Fathers

1. Arthur Weasley
Has the love and respect of his huge family but also has the room in his heart for Harry and Hermione. Open minded and enthusiastic about the world round him. 

2. Atticus Finch
He is raising two children on his own. He respects his children and gives them a good moral code and values to follow. He is a laid back dad with a very dry sense of humour.

3. Caratacus Potts
He give his children the chance to explore their creativity. Let their imaginations run wild, have fun, play and enjoy their childhood. He lacks a bit on the discipline front but he loves his children and would do anything for them and they feel the same in return. 

4. Frank Regan
Police Commissioner Regan is firm handed but fair. Gives his children the chance to make their own decisions. Supports them and helps them when that ask for it. He doesn't stick his nose in and meddle and he doesn't say I told you so. He says see you after church on Sunday for a roast dinner. 

5. Jonathan Kent
Seen here as I first remember him in Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman. Not many dads would take an alien baby back to their home. Nurture him, love him and teach him respect and good values. Especially when a Super-Toddler tantrum could have brought the house down in the most literal sense. Jonathan Kent must have patience by the bucketload. 
All these guys are fabulous but none of the compare to Poppa G. The hero of my story and in my opinion best Dad ever. 

Much Love 
Charlie x

Monday, 8 June 2015

OOTD - Rose Tyler

The one of perils of being an everyday cosplayer is that you can wake up in the morning get ready for the day ahead and without realising you have dressed like one of your favourite characters. Today was one of those days. Today I accidentally dressed like Rose Tyler. Finding this most amusing I sent Vicki and Jackie this picture of me goofing around recreating Rose's scene from Doomsday.
So simply my outfit breaks down to a light pink hoody and dark pink vest and jeans. 
The jeans need to be flared at the bottom and of course you need pumps for all the running! 
When I realised I was dressed like Rose I thought I might as well go whole hog and do the make up too. The key to Rose's make up is black eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, lashings of mascara and lipgloss. 
So my look is my complete, a very comfortable and casual outfit. 
But I wasn't finished. My earlier picture gave me an idea. I played with one of my favourite apps Afterlight a photo editing app and created this by layering the picture of David Tennant over mine. 
Not going to lie. I'm pretty impressed with myself right now! 
Have you ever found yourself dressed like a favourite character before you realise what you've done? Have you ever cosplayed Rose on purpose? I'd love to see you pictures.

Much love 
Charlie x 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

OOTD - Loki

I have been dying to write up my Loki cosplay for aaaages but every time I wear it I forget to take pictures! I managed to remember to take some snaps today! So here is my homage to my favourite bad guy. ( I am enjoying the amount of swagger I have captured in this screen grab of LokI.)
To pick up on the key colours of Loki's classic outfit I have paired a simple black top,
With green jeans and black sandals. 
Accessorised with a couple of gold bangles.
To add an extra nerdy twist I have added my Tesseract Necklace from The Beee Hive.
The Beee Hive is a great fandom jewellery shop. Made by a fan for fans. The items are really cute and fashionable, so to the uninitiated they are pretty accessories but your fellow fangirls will "Understand that reference". 
I hope you like my casual Loki cosplay, perfect for a sunny afternoon shopping. 

Much Love
Charlie x

Friday, 5 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Comic Book Heroes You Would Like To See With Their Own Series or Movie

1. Kamala Kahn
I adore her. She is my current obsession. I love how she is a fangirl superhero and I think she'd be great with a TV show or film. She's a funny, quirky ordinary girl with parents that want the best for her and are a little over protective. I like the fact her background isn't too dark, she wasn't recruited as a young girl to be a spy, she isn't the last of her species she's just a teenager, ok one that gets superpowers but still. 

2. The Black Widow
I badly want a black widow movie. An origin story of how this kick ass assassin came over to S.H.I.E.L.D. I know we got snippets in the latest Avengers but that only left me wanting more! Come on Marvel!!! Give us what we want. I'm asking nicely! 

3. Rogue
I want a Rogue movie. Not movie Rogue. Proper kick ass comic book Rogue. Yellow and green costume the lot. She is my absolute favourite in the X-men comics she's smart, sassy and ain't takin' no crap sugar! But in the X-men movies good lord does she frustrate me. Why did they do it whyyyyyy?!

4. Loki
This one is purely selfish I want more Tom Hiddleston. I know Loki is not technically a hero. No actually not a hero at all. But God is he a fantastic character! And also if he has his own movie that is a lot of big screen Tom Hiddleston to enjoy!!!! In all clad leather and metal and brimming with sarcasm. The wait for Ragnarok is actually going to kill me. 

5. Thunder Cats
Thunder..... Thunder..... THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I would love this to happen! I would lose my mind. Thundercats was THE cartoon of my childhood. With a great band of heroes, a properly scary villain (Mumm-ra still give me shivers) and a kick ass theme tune a Thundercats movie would be sooooooo good! It has all the ingredients for a brilliant summer blockbuster. As long as the producers make it for the generation that grew up with Thundercats as well as the current generation of kids. This is what disappointed me about the Ninja Turtles movie it was just for kids. Not much for adults. 

Great post idea this week from @JaymFace. I really thought I'd find this one tricky but it really made me think and I've really enjoyed it. Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for starting it all. 

Much Love 
Charlie x

(Original Thundercats artwork by Ed Benes)