Saturday, 24 September 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections: Fall TV Favourites -Supergirl

It's Casual Cosplay Connections time! Hosted by myself and Danielle at Girlie to Nerdy each month we have a different theme to inspire a casual cosplay outfit! There is only one rule and that is the outfit must come from your wardrobe! What is casual cosplay?! It's a fun way to bring your fandoms into your everyday life by putting the essence of your favourite characters into your outfit. It's really open to your interpretation. 
This months theme is Fall TV Favourites. I'm looking forward to the return of Supergirl! Yeah it's cheesy and a not perfect but I'm a sucker for some escapism. Oh and I have major hair envy Melissa Benoist is coiffed to perfection. Here is my Supergirl: 
Putting on a Super tee seemed a smidge too easy and a bit of a cheat so I layered it with a long red top to give the illusion of a skirt. Then the classic jeans and boots combo and I'm done. 
But every good Superhero has a alter ego! A normal everyday Joe or in this case Kara to conceal there secret identity! 
So here is my take on Kara Danvers! Preppy and professional is her style at CatCo so I went with this pretty bee print blouse, skirt and flats. 
To complete my look I changed my hair and put on some glasses and now I'm completely unrecognisable! 
Of course I just had to do this shot. 
Jasper is looking forward to the return of The Flash! 
Much love
Charlie xx