Monday, 11 May 2015

The Best Weekend Ever - Part 4: The Cumberbatch Experience #Footgate

Ok so technically I could have squeezed this into the Saturday post but I think Benedict deserves his very own special post. Because ... Well ... He's Benedict Cumberbatch *Sighs Dreamily* 
The time had come. 2.30 Saturday afternoon. Vicki and I headed over to photo area 1 where behind grey partition walls stood Benedict Cumberbatch. Eek. A considerable crowd of excited fans gathered around with tickets and passes in hand. We eagerly awaited the instructions of the staff and in a smidge of an anti climax we were told to come back in an hour because we were Batch 3 and there were lots of people a head of us. But on the plus side it gave us the chance to nip to the loo as nerves we playing on my bladder! Because.... BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH!! 

An hour later we returned to the throng of fans and waited to hear our batch called. I really hope it was a decision to call them "batches" not "groups" because it really tickled me. The staff working Photo Area 1 were brilliant and brave. They spent all day organising excited fans and answering the same question over a million times I'm sure, but they did it with good humour and smiles at all times. This added to the great experience and fun had by all. With the request not run and the reassurance everyone would get their turn Batch 3 was called and we were in the line. 
Nerves were upon me. Tummy churning butterflies a-go-go. It was actually happening. I was going to meet him. I was in the queue it was moments away. As we shuffled forward we reapplied lip gloss and checked our hair. Vain yes but I was about to stand next to one of the most handsome men on the planet I had to give looking good my best shot! Then with tickets scanned we were round the corner and in the same room as Benedict Cumberbatch. 
I could not stop staring! He is so beautiful. Vicki however was distracted because she recognised the photographer from previous conventions. Hello Vicki! Priorities!! The line moved really fast as people were in and out for their photo really quickly. The room had a strange atmosphere of nerves, tension and excitement. Suddenly we were at the front of the line. I obviously made Vicki go first! Then I walked in and said hello nice to meet you, the greeting was returned in that voice. Speaking directly to me. No one else. Just me. As I moved in to assume the position for the photo it happened. I felt something underneath my foot. I stepped on his foot. What. An. Idiot. Mortified I whipped my head round and said I'm so sorry and he look at me and said not a problem. I had eye contact and I was inches away from his face how I held it together I have no idea. I turned back round and was half way to removing my hair from my lip gloss when FLASH! 
Fortunately they did another one. In which he looks flawless and I look normal. I don't know how I'm not bright red after stomping on his foot! He was so handsome and his eyes were something else. Just wow. 
As I left the photo area I wave of mortification hit me. I covered my face with my still shaking hands and repeatedly muttered "I stood on his foot. I can't believe I stood on his foot" causing a few giggles from people waiting in line. Vicki helped me see the plus side when she pointed out I got two pictures, longer with his arm round me and a funny anecdote to tell. That is what friends are for. Then that was us floating on a Cumbercloud of happiness for the rest of the day. Life goal achieved. Big smiles on faces. What a day and we still had Sunday and Andrew Scott to come.

To be continued 
Much Love
Charlie x


  1. Hahahahahahaha!! #Footgate will never not be funny! So hilarious and only made the experience even more funny and memorable! Benedict was a real sweetie. Just such a shame we didn't get more time with him!

    1. It could only happen to me! He was such a gent about it *sigh* it was a shame it was over so fast but still so special!

  2. Aw, you look great!

  3. Many of us met Benedict, but only a select few get a proper anecdote! You broke the Batch… almost! Brilliant read, Charlie. Aw, I miss that weekend so much. xo

    1. I hope doesn't sue me for loss of earnings due to a throbbing, potentially broken toe! Haha!! Me too I miss it so hard!! x