Friday, 27 May 2016

OOTD: Donna Noble

Today's casual cosplay is based on the sassy and stubborn Donna Noble. I wasn't keen when she first took over but is grew to love the relationship she had with 10! And the fact she ain't taking no crap of some spaceman! 

I had this whole outfit in my wardrobe! When I put them together I was impressed how close to the real thing it is. Give me a ginger wig and I'm done! 

I love the jewel tones of the purple and aqua. Two of my favourite colours. 

Shimmery pink and purple eyes and my new galaxy stud earrings adds my style to the look.

Basic blue jeans and boots complete this outfit! 

I hope you like this quick and simple Donna Noble cosplay. I'm off to try to save the world by shouting at it! 

Much love
Charlie xx