Sunday, 22 February 2015

OOTD - Jim from IT - Sherlock

This outfit is dedicated to the biggest Scottie I know. She is flying from Canada to Ireland tomorrow to watch the delightful and ever so talented Andrew Scott perform Seawall as part of Dublin Theatre Festival. Needless to say she is very excited so Jackie this ones for you! 

I have paired a grey V neck t-shirt with a long chain. Jim's chain is tucked in but mine is too pretty to tuck in! But you get the same effect! 

In the The Great Game Sherlock deduces that Jim is gay. This is due in part to him having the top of his underwear on show. Now. I love cosplay but I'm not going to start displaying my pants! I have solved this problem by wearing a lime green belt to echo the colour of Jim's underwear and you get the stripe of colour in the right place to.

For my accessories I'm wearing a black cuff instead of a watch and I have made a little bracelet in the same colour as the belt with a little computer charm.

I have been planning this outfit for a little while and waiting for all the components to arrive in the post. I'm really pleased with how the cosplay has turned out! I hope you like it Jackie. Safe travels and tell Andrew I said "Hiiiiiiiiiiii" 

Much love
Charlie x

Saturday, 21 February 2015

OOTD - Hawkeye

Today my outfit is inspired by Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble. I love Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and I was feeling a little kick ass today so I thought this would be perfect!

I have picked up on the colour from Hawkeyes suit. Black and Maroon. 

I'm wearing my maroon jeans and faithful black boots I use in many a cosplay. These and my leather jacket are used in countless outfits!

My top is a black tunic. If the weather was warmer I'd have a sleeveless top on to echo Hawkeye's but brrrrrr it's too chilly for that. 

Accessories for today are my lovely sparkly maroon scarf. I may be an ass kicking avenger but you know I still need to sparkle! I'm am a girl after all. 

I made my arrow bracelet using waxed cotton thread and a charm. I'm super proud of how it turned out. You can't be Hawkeye without an arrow! The colours I used are inspired by the Hawkeye's uniform in the Marvel comics! There will be a Happy Little How To coming soon!

I hope you like my casual cosplay Hawkeye. Any suggestions for future cosplay please get in touch and let me know. 

Much Love 
Charlie x

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Loki Day

In between dance classes today I met up with my friend Jo who is getting married in October, Myself and Hannah are bridesmaids. We had an impromptu dress trying session. Jo found a beautiful dress! While she was getting changed from one beautiful dress into another Hannah and I took this opportunity to try on tiaras and eat all the free chocolates. Lots of mischief to be had in wedding dress shops.

To round off Loki Day splendidly I'm enjoying a Thor and Avenger movie marathon, just lovely.

Ta Dah!

Happy Loki Day my lovelies 

Much Love
Charlie x

Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Funko Pop Figures

I don't own any Funko Pop figures YET. I only recently discovered there adorable existence. The more I look at them, the more I love them and want to buy them ALL! So any of my friends or family reading this should consider this my Birthday list! I know, I know it's not until August. 

First up is Loki! It's Loki Day as part of Tom's Spirit Week so it would be an affront to the God of Mischief if he wasn't top of the list. 

Well she's practically perfect in everyway! Who wouldn't want a Mary "Funko" Poppins. 

Next is Wonder Woman. Simply I love her and this is adorable. 

Buffy was my first girl crush I wanted to be her soooooo badly. I am still I love with this show. So a Buffy Funko Pop is really a necessity! 

Lastly is Funko Pop Smaug! Look at his adorable dragon face! 

So I look forward to receiving these for my birthday! Thanks in advance! Hahah

Much Love 
Charlie x

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Good Will Thursday

Good Will Thursday seemed like a good opportunity to share a story close to my heart. Sadly a friend had a stillborn baby but this could have been prevented with a simple test. I won't go into detail here but if you want to please read their story and sign the petition if you're a UK resident. The petition is to make the test mandatory for all pregnant ladies.

Now on with a lovely day. Worked at a nursing home this morning and took the lovely ladies and gents there some brownies and flapjacks. I am a naughty fitness instructor taking sweet treats but it was fun seeing everyone enjoying them after we exercised of course!

I also donated some monies to Comic Relief who do life changing work in Africa and the UK. I listen to Radio 1 and have been really moved listening to the experiences their presenter Greg James has had in Uganda. I was super happy to donate but this was made even better when Greg replied to my tweet and retweeted it including the Good Will Thursday hashtag yay! I did a little squeeeee!

To make the day really perfect the man himself posted a charity video today. Way to rally the troops Hiddles! This made it super easy if you were stuck for an idea. Here is the video if you missed it. Needless to say I donated too!

Hope you had a lovely day doing good deeds big or small.

Happy Good Will Thursday.

Much love
Charlie x

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - We Do What We Want Wednesday

So today was super fun! My We Do What We Want Wednesday had a distinctly food related theme. I dance and teach Zumba all day everyday I try to eat as well as possible to keep my energy levels up. Obviously I have my weaknesses such as fizzy pop and chocolate but I try to do my best.

But not today! Today I get to do what I want. My day started with Only Lovers Left Alive and breakfast in bed. After my first classes I went to visit my very pregnant friend and we ate Pizza and Chocolate Cheesecake at lunch time. It was delicious and gave me a sugary zing in my step for my next sessions! 

Lastly at my kids dance class tonight the twins turned 5 and brought me cupcakes! Now I'm tucked up listening to TayTay and ignoring the hubby who is getting stressed watching Liverpool! Perfect end to We Do What We Want Wednesday! 

What have you guys been up to?

Much Love 
Charlie x

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Tom's Twin Tuesday

I saw the Tuesday of Tom's Spirit Week was Tom's Twin Tuesday and I was like SWEET I get an extra excuse to do some casual cosplay. Tom has some great characters to work into everyday outfits. I headed over to The Nerdy Girlie to get some inspiration from her Everyday Cosplay looks from 2014 and see her suggestions for 2015 I got a bit carried away thinking I could be Loki or Coriolanus or F. Scott Fitzgerald or Adam.......
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Coriolanus

Then I remembered I would be working. Teaching dance all day. These characters don't have the most practical outfits for teaching a Zumba class in. What with the leather and the metal and tailoring and Adam spending half the film naked. Sorry where was I so yes not suitable for work at all.

Firstly I thought I might cosplay the out from the Josh Horowitz Slumber party. Thor T-shirt and a pair of black joggers. Nice and simple BUT this didn't sit quite right as I wasn't cosplaying a character.

Then I remembered Billy Hazledine from Suburban Shootout going for a jog in his grey vest and little tight shorts. Baby Hiddles with crazy noodle hair bouncing along as he runs!

Perfect! There really is a Hiddleston for every occasion, even a Zumba class! So here it is... Bill Hazeldine Casual Cosplay for Tom's Twin Tuesday. Apologies for the mirror Selfie but no one is around to hoodwink into talking my picture!

The outfit its self is super simple and I already had everything in wardrobe. Bonus!

Grey vest, black workout leggings, trainers and a necklace that says I've just got back from a gap year abroad!

I hope you like my Tom's Twin Tuesday Cosplay outfit. Please let me know who you are cosplaying today! I'm off out now to teach lots of Zumba classes I just need to put a couple of layers on first though.... brrrrr!

Happy Tom's Twin Tuesday

Much Love
Charlie x

Videos from YouTube and Coriolanus Cosplay Picture from

Monday, 2 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Dance More Monday

The first day in Toms Spirit Week is Dance More Monday. Being a dancer this is right up my street so I decided to share some of the songs that are guaranteed to get me up on the dance floor or having a cheeky boogie behind the steering wheel.

The first song I have chosen is Up Town Funk - Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. My Zumba class go mental for this song at the moment. We cant breathe at the end but we give it everything.

My second choice is Go All Night - Gorgon City ft. Jennifer Hudson. This is my song of choice when I'm getting ready to go out. I gets me right in the mood for a party.
My third choice is a cheery toe tapping tune. Listen to the Man by George Ezra. It's a really happy tune and the video is hilarious. Sir Ian McKellen lip syncing! What's not to love!

I watched the move Pride last year and it is awesome. If you haven't seen it please do the DVD is out in the UK in March. It is a beautiful and brilliant true story. Anyway it had a fab soundtrack and this amazing dance scene with Dominic West. He dances to Shame Shame Shame by Shirley & Co. Enjoy this little clip from the film.

Ok so this is a wedding disco classic but come on who can resist a bit of Dancing on the Ceiling with Lionel Richie

Now for something different Mr Brightside The Killers. This is music to point your finger in the air and jump up and down to!


This is a very new addition to my dancing playlist I heard it for the first time today and it was love at first listen. Sugar - Maroon 5. I just watch the video for the first time its amazing and made me tear up! Which if you know me at all doesn't take much. Has tears will cry.

I am going to leave it there for now! What songs do you like to dance to? I love suggestions for new music of all kinds any variety. Please leave me suggestions in the comments below.
Happy Dance More Monday
Much Love
Charlie x 
All videos are from YouTube and the Dancing Tom Picture is from


Tom's Spirit Week 2015

Thanks to Hiddlestoned Educator for setting up the themes for this years week long celebration for Tom Hiddleston's birthday. Last year I was just a spectator as the lovely folks on Twitter got stuck into celebrating all things Tom. This year as I have a shiny new blog I though it was time to get in on the action!

The story of how I came to love Tom Hiddleston is probably similar to many other fangirls out there. I went to watch Thor. Got to be honest I went for Chris Hemsworth as well as being a Superhero movie lover. However when I left the cinema I typed 5 words into Google that would change my fangirl world forever. "Who plays Loki in Thor?" And bam. That was me done Hiddlestoner for life. I watched everything I could on YouTube, downloaded audiobooks and ordered his entire back catalogue off Amazon.
*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*
This man is a thing of beauty. Just everything about him is an utter delight, his beautiful eyes, cheekbone perfection, that smile that could light up a whole city. 

I could go on, really I could but then I'd actually just be listing everything about Toms body. I think we can agree that could get a bit weird and although he is beautiful to look at he is sooooooo much more than a pretty face, mischievous laugh and stunning voice. 

Tom is a fabulous actor whose body of work is so wonderfully varied and he is captivating to watch and listen to. I will be forever grateful to the creators of The Love Book App because of this Tom reads me poetry daily! He is also a genuinely lovely human he is passionate about his charity work, sweet and generous with his time and attention to fans when he meets them. I hope one day I will get to meet him too.
And deep breath ok. I think I'm done. 
2015 is going to be a wonderful Tom filled year for us Hiddlestoners! He has lots of films coming out so hopefully that means lots of press and interviews for us all to enjoy. I hope Tom announces he will be doing some theatre again soon. I was super sad that I couldn't get tickets to see Coriolanus live. Watching Tom perform live would be a dream come true so I'm not going to miss out on the next opportunity.
So that's a little introduction to my Tom Hiddleston fangirling. Please keep an eye on my blog and Twitter @Charlie_Faith for what I get up to. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TomsSpiritWeek and let's get it trending on Twitter. 

What have you got planned for Toms Spirt Week? What do you love about our Hiddles?! Please share in the comments below. Always keen to meet fellow Hiddlestoners 
Much love
Charlie x

Photo Credits to @twhiddleston @CrimsonPeakFilm 

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Magical Moment with Edward Scissorhands

For as long as I can remember dance has been part of my life. I love performing, creating and teaching. Mum and I go as often as we can to live performances. So I was excited to hear that Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands was coming to the Liverpool Empire. I have been a big fan of Matthew Bourne for a long time. So that was Mum's Christmas present sorted! 

We settled into our seats and from the moment the orchestra stuck up I was enchanted. The set and costumes perfectly the captured the world that surrounds Edwards story. Every single dancer played their character perfectly and completely swept me along. 

No one more so than Dominic North and his beautiful portrayal of Edward. Jonny Depp's performance of the character is so iconic initially I was worried that I wouldn't be able to shake that image from my mind. However as soon as he starts moving all thoughts of Mr Depp are banished. From a delicate twitch of the scissors to a dramatic leap North's performance is thoroughly captivating. 

With just music, gesture and movement the dancers guide you through the story of misunderstanding, acceptance, love and tragedy. I was moved to tears by this sweet and touching performance. In this moving and magical dance spectacle Matthew Bourne makes a tragic story truly beautiful. If this production comes to a theatre near you I strongly recommend that you see it. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

I hope you found this review interesting. If you have been to see the performance please share your experiences and thoughts with me. I'd love to hear what you think.

Much love
Charlie x

All pictures are from and @Mattbourne1 Twitter. 

OOTD - Edward Scissorhands

I went to see Matthew Bourne's Edward Scissorhands at the Liverpool Empire yesterday. It was beautiful. I'll be posting a review soon. This seemed like a good opportunity to Cosplay the man himself.
Photo from @Mattbourne1 Twitter
The main body of this outfit is super easy to do. It consists of items I think most people will have in their wardrobe already. Leather jacket, black jeans, black boots and a belt. You can leave it here and still have a great casual cosplay look. However as you make have picked up already I like to add accessories and other items to represent more of the story in my outfit.

Under my leather jacket I have on a striped top with a sequinned heart. I chose this to represent the innocence and sweetness shown in Edwards character. Of course if you wanted you could simply wear a black to but I wanted to break up the black with a little colour.

Ok so I couldn't Cosplay Edward Scissorhands without any scissors could I? I made this bracelet myself. I plated long pieces of grey waxed cotton thread and added scissor charms at regular intervals. I simply wound it round my wrist and tied it with a knot.
My lovely snowflake earrings and leaf bracelet represent two beautiful moments in Edwards story.

I went for a slightly gothic twist on my usual make-up. I didn't go whole hog and wear pale foundation but I did go for dark eyes and dark lips. The lip colour I used was Collection 2000 Gothic Glam 2 - Scorned. It's a sumptuous deep purple and toned in nicely with the heart on my top. To finish off my look I added black nails with a hint of sparkle. 

I loved cosplaying Edward at the theatre I really enjoy it when my cosplay matches where I am going. I feel extra sneaky, Ninja Nerd was in full effect! 

Let me know what you think of my Edward Scissorhands Cosplay. 

Much love
Charlie x