Saturday, 23 July 2016

Casual Cosplay Connections - Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory

Here is the second installment of CCC a monthly blog link up brought to you with my blogging buddy Danielle from Thanks to everyone who took part last time all of your outfits looked great! The original post and full list of themes can be found here. This  month it's 90's Cartoons! I had loads of ideas!! However I was limited by what clothes my post baby belly could fit into. I really wanted to be Dee Dee from Dexters lab! Being a younger sister I always enjoyed tormenting my big sis and Dee Dee gets on everyone of Dexter's nerves!!! 

When I decided on Dee Dee I started my outfit from the shoes up. She loves to dance around the lab and wears a pink ballet outfit so I had to wear my most balletic pumps. 

A pink flowery top and burgundy jeans show Dee Dee's affection for the colour pink! 

My hair of course was in Dee Dee's classic bunches! Make up and accessories I kept cute and girlie. Pink shimmery eyes and lips with cute heart jewellery. 

I'm so pleased how this outfit turned out and I managed to right ONE blog post this month since my wardrobe and time are limited at the moment! Mummy win!! 

Jasper was feeling left out so I said he could be my Dexter! 

Much Love
Charlie xx