Monday, 28 September 2015

OOTD - Amy Pond

Doctor Who season is well and truly upon us so I HAD to do some Who-inspired cosplay. Amy Pond was such a great companion I loved her attitude and style. She had fun, very wearable outfits. Her staples were jumpers, checked shirts, mini skirts, leather jackets, boots and a scarf. Put on any combination of these and you have a pretty good Amy Pond cosplay. 
Super awesome autograph was a present from my amazing friends Jackie and Darren.

Here is my closet cosplay twist on Amy's look. I chose my purple checked shirt, black heart patterned vest top, Denim mini skirt, tights and boots. I think it's a pretty good interpretation of Amy's look! 
Amy is a big fan of colour so I brought this out in my make up. Purple liquid eyeliner and my new obsession silver glittery eyeliner! Love my star earrings! They bring in the sci-fi space element into the outfit. To finish the look and make it truly specific to Amy Pond I'm wearing my NEW 'Crack in Space and Time' necklace. 
My super awesome necklace is from Colourful Geekiness  on Etsy. Go check them out! They have all sorts of super awesome fandom apparel and accessories. I have wanted a necklace like this for a while. I just love how subtle it is. Only Whovian's would know the significance to your average joe they just think it's a cool piece of jewellery! 
As an extra Whovian bonus I gave myself a TARDIS manicure! How sweet are these nail decals! I got these as a present but there are plenty of choices on Etsy. 
Like I said at the start I love how fun and totally wearable Amy's look is. I wore this outfit to watch a Rugby World Cup match in Leeds. 
I hope you like this look. There are some more Doctor Who themed outfits of the day coming up! Are there any characters from the Whoniverse you like to see me try? Go on, set me a challenge!

Much Love 
Charlie xx

Monday, 21 September 2015

OOTD - Hogwarts Houses: Gryffindor

So it was ages ago I started this challenge of outfits based on all the Hogwarts Houses but summer and Paris interrupted my blogging flow. I'm happy to say the final house outfit is here. Go go Gryffindor! 
So for my Gryffindor outfit I want to go glamorous as I was heading out for drinks and dancing with my girls. Sadly not to The Three Broomsticks!
Red and gold are the key to this outfit. I also added a black top because I didn't want the outfit to be OTT! Although a top with a hint of gold glitter would be a fabulous Christmas party look! 
Make up is kept simple and classic. I would have gone for a red lipstick but I could not for the life of me find it! So I went neutral instead.
Gold jewellery helped me bring in some themes from the books. I chose my letter necklace to represent the jumpers Molly Weasley knits and my crown earrings because we all now Weasley is our King! 
My other gold element were my beloved gold wedges. The comfiest shoes for dancing the night away! 
If you have been reading this blog for a while you will know my love for coloured denim! They are perfect for adding a key colour element to any casual cosplay. In this case the bright red of the Gryffindor crest. These jeans are ridiculously comfy! I love them. The full look and the final outfit to complete the set! I am Gryffindor Glam ready to dance the night away. 
I hope you enjoyed my little series of Hogwarts houses as much as I enjoyed putting the outfits together! Do you have any suggestions for future casual cosplays? I'd love to hear them. 

Much Love 
Charlie xx

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Five Fandom Friday - Things I Love about Autumn.

I am 100% a summer baby. I love sun and I'm sad to see summer end but Autumn does have its benefits too. Here are my favourite things about the changing of the seasons.

1. Layers
Scarves, jumpers, earmuffs, gloves, big comfy boots! I want to wear them all.

2. Television
All my favourite TV shows come back with brand new episodes. Starting tomorrow night with the bestest one everer Doctor Who! 

3. Rugby Season
You may have picked up on this from my recent blog posts Rugby is my favourite sport in the whole wide world. September (usually) marks the start of the rugby season in the UK but this year THIS YEAR it has the start of the World Cup! Kick off is tonight at 8pm. I'm so excited I could die. I can't even cope. 

4. Bonfire Night 
Wrapping up warm to go out in the cold then getting to hot when the bonfire starts! Drinking hot chocolate and eating toffee apples while watching fire works!

5. Hibernating
When the weather is too cold and too wet to go outside its heaven to spend the day on the couch. Warm and toast is wrapped in blankets with good TV, wifi, hot chocolate and snacks. I'm especially excited to spend time bonding with my new couches. 

So that about sums up all of the things I love about Autumn. Thanks to Megan at and Kristen at for starting the the fun! Stay warm! 

Much love 
Charlie xx

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Geek Girls Guide to Rugby - The Laws and Technical Stuff!

You might only know rugby as the really violent sport Ross plays to impress Emily in Friends! But with my easy guide you'll understand it faster than Harry learnt Quidditch! I feel at this point I should mention it's nothing like American Football. There are some similarities like the shape of the ball.... No actually I'm pretty sure that's the only one. 

Rugby is played in teams of 15 with an oval ball on a pitch of grass with two 'H' shaped posts at either end. Like this.....

First up. How to score points. 

A Try - this is worth 5 points. It's is scored by putting the ball down in line with or in the box behind the posts. The ball has to be pushed onto the floor. No throwing it down or bouncing it on the floor like a touch down. If you don't have control of the ball then no points for you! Here is a compilation of some great tries. 
A conversion - this is worth 2 points and can only be scored in addition to a try. The ball is kicked between the 'H' shaped posts. Below George Ford of England scores a Try and then Converts it for a full 7 points! 
A penalty - this is worth 3 points and can be given by the referee at any time for any Law breaking on the pitch. To score you kick the ball between the 'H' shaped posts. Here is New Zealand All Black Dan Carter one of the best in the world showing you how it's done. 
A drop goal - this is worth 3 points and can be scored at any time in open play. The ball is kicked through the 'H' shaped posts. 

Got it? Pretty simple right.  

Ready for some technical stuff? Like I said the are some complicated Laws in rugby and I still haven't got them all worked out. Luckily for me my dad is a ref so if I don't understand it he can explain it. Below I'm giving you the basics so you can enjoy a game of rugby. 
Passing the ball - The ball can only be passed (thrown) backwards to your team mate. If you throw a forward pass play will be stopped and control of the ball handed to the opposition. Skip to two minutes in to see some good clear passing of the ball. 

Tackling - Defence against the attacking team. You can only tackle the play with the ball. This is a very exciting and dangerous part of the game. High tackles ( above the shoulder) are illegal as are stiff arm tackles so no clothes lining your opponent. These offences can have you sent off. This is a long video but just watch a little to get the idea of a tackle! 
Line out - When the ball goes off the field of play its 'In Touch'. To restart play the team who did not put the ball in touch throw it back in to the Line Out. The teams line up in two parallel lines and jump to win the ball for their team. 
Srum - this is probably he most commonly seen image from a rugby match. A Scrum restarts play after the referee has stopped it for an infringement on the Laws in the game. Eight players bind together and push against each other to win control of the ball. A good strong scrum is a great tactical advantage.
Right two more things and I think we have the basics covered. What is a ruck and a maul?! 

Ruck - usually after a Tackle is made the ball is on the floor a Ruck is formed. It looks like a good old fashioned pile-on like you used to do at sleep overs! The attacking team use the bodies to defend the ball. The defending team try to push them off the ball so they have it. This is called Turn Over ball. Below is a good example of clearing a ruck by Samu Manoa USA v Canada. 
Maul - After a tackle but the ball has not gone to ground. That's the difference the ball is NOT on the floor. Teams push against each other to gain ground if your attacking and win the ball if your defending. The Maul is most exciting close to the try line when your team is pushing for a try. The crowd will shout HEAVE HEEEEAAAAVVVVVEEE!!! Skip to about 37 seconds in to get to the action.
Right I think that's it for the technical stuff! I hope it all makes sense! Any questions do please ask! One day until the Rugby World Cup kicks off! 

Much love 
Charlie xx

Monday, 14 September 2015

A Geek Girls Guide to Rugby - The World Cup.

The legend goes that in 1823 in a small town called Rugby in England a young chap called William Webb Ellis was playing football (Soccer) with his chums and decided to pick the ball up and run with it. Thus the game of Rugby was born. 

Rugby is one of the many things I geek out about. I am HUGE fan. Thanks to my dad I grew up watching Rugby. I played when I was younger and I'm getting back into a ladies team now!  There are many many many things I love about rugby. The pride, the passion. The respect shown between players, the Referee and opposing fans. The crazy wackadoodle laws (not rules) of the game which I'm yet to still get a full grip on myself. And let's be honest men rolling in mud in shorts. I am still a woman! Below is a picture of me looking like an utter Rugby nerd with England centre Owen Farrell at Twickenham Stadium. Yes. I fangirled hard. 
So this Friday the 18th of September at 8pm the Rugby World Cup kicks off at Twickenham! The home of English Rugby! I am beyond excited and completely riddled with nerves! In order to spread my love of rugby far and wide I am bringing you a Geeks Guide to Rugby. Starting today with an introduction to the World Cup. I will also in the series I shall give you some basic info about the Laws, how the game is played, highlight some players, teams and follow the tournament as it goes on.

Twenty teams have spent the last four years playing games and training hard to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. In alphabetical order they are: 
New Zealand
South Africa
United States of America

The tournament runs the same as other world cups in other sports. The teams are split into pools and all play each other once. The top two team in those groups progress to the Quarter Finals. The winners then compete in the semi final and final. Easy! 

All teams are competing to win the coveted William Webb Ellis Cup. Named after the chap credited with inventing the game. Remember him? From the first paragraph? Good! Look isn't it shiny!!!! 

The tournament itself is very young with the inaugural tournament hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand in 1987. This was before Rugby Union was a professional sport so the majority of players competing for their country had a day job too! 

Defending champions New Zealand are once again favourites to take the trophy home but England have the advantage of home turf. With many of the emerging rugby nations getting stronger each year there is a chance of an big upset. Never underestimate the power of the under dog! 
Is your nation represented at the World Cup? Let me know and feature your team on a future post! 
If your country isn't represented pick one! Was your Great Grandad Itallian? There is your team! Do you love Anime? Show Japan your support! Are you a Hiddlestoner? Then make like Tom and cheer on the hosts! Let me know who you choose and I'll give you the lowdown! 
Do you already love rugby? Then we should be friends! Let me know who you support so we can partake in friendly banter! 

Much Love
Charlie xx

Friday, 11 September 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Broadway Roles I'd Love to Play.

So many. So so so many. I love musicals. I was brought up on them. My mum and dad took my sister and I to the theatre from a young age. Dad often recalls the story of how I sat enchanted for the whole of of the show while other children wriggled and talked. I have never lost my love of theatre and love going I think it's just magical. If I had one wish that was purely selfish just for me I'd wish to be able to sing! I love to stand on a stage and belt out a song. However that's not to be. My true passion and luckily for me my job is dancing! I started young. This is me making my stage debut as a duckling! 
My Fandom 5 is going to focus on musicals with some brilliant dances in. 

1. West Side Story
My favourite musical. Ever. I cry at the start because they are so happy and and I know it's sad later. I just adore it. The super cool Jets versus the flamboyant, colourful Sharks, the costumes, the music, the style. In this I'd love to play Anita. She's sassy, passionate and doesn't take any of Bernardo's crap. Oh and she gets the BEST dance routines. Here she is singing her signature song 'America'. Love her. 

2. Singing in the rain
Two words Gene Kelly. I'm not ashamed to say I have a massive crush on him. I think he is fantastic. So many wonderful dances in this 'Make 'em Laugh' is a brilliant number but my favourite will always be 'Good Mornin'. 

However I love Debbie Reynolds as Kathy Seldon but my favourite character in this is the hilarious Lina Lamont. I love her and her accent. My favourite scene.....

3. Cats
This is one of the first musicals I remember going to see. We went to Blackpool to watch it with my Nanna and Grandad. Brian Blessed was Old Deuteronomy and you could go on stage at the interval and get his autograph. One of the most magical moments was at the start of the second half the Cats came through the audience during the overture. One cat took my hat off me and put it on. Another did a handstand on the rail of the orchestra pit. I can close my eyes and still see it clearly. My favourite cat is Skimbleshanks The Railway Cat.

4. Phantom of the Opera
Ok so we have moved away from dance slightly to indulge the dream of me being able to sing! And if I could I'd sure as heck love to sing like Christine Daae. This is the musical most performed in my shower to my audience of shampoo and conditioner. They are my biggest fans! 

5. Les Miserables
Now I'm not talking about the film. I mean the stage musical. I love this musical whole heartedly and unashamedly. I am currently listening to the soundtrack and crying. It's just brilliant. Now I know what your thinking. You think I want to be Eponine or Fantine. You'd be wrong. Don't get me wrong they have amazing songs and stories to play out. However my favourite character is Gavroche. "Little People" is a brilliant song and young me would annoy my parents playing it on repeat and working out dances to it. 

Honourable Mention - Bob Fosse
I couldn't talk about musicals with out mentioning Bob Fosse. I love all his choreography. It's witty and wonderful. The stylisation of the movements are just brilliant. So I would be any dancer in any musical by Bob Fosse. Here is my favourite piece of his choreography for you to enjoy. It's Rich Mans Frug from Sweet Charity. 

I really enjoyed this weeks 5 thanks to Nicole at How To Fangirl for Adults for the brilliant suggestion. And as always thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for starting all the fun! I'm off to sing and dance about my house! 

Much love
Charlie x

Monday, 7 September 2015

Confessions of a Comic Book Newbie - Ms Marvel

So I've been a geek for as long as I can remember. Thanks mainly to my mum who encouraged me to read as much as possible and introduced me to Sci Fi. From then on I picked up the ball and I ran with it. It's great being a geek it gives you a free pass to love stuff and I mean really love stuff. I gush, I enthuse, I obsess but mainly I enjoy. 
However there is one big thing in the world of nerd that I haven't got my head around and that is comics. I love super heroes. I obsessively watched Superman as a child, I adore all the current Marvel films and loved all the X-men cartoons on TV. But comics?! Where do I even start! I can't start at the beginning, like I would with series of books, there are decades of comics! It hurts my head to even think about it. So yes at the start of this year I had never read a comic book. 
The thought of entering a comic book shop and saying 'Hi there, I'd like to start reading comics' really didn't seem like the best plan. So I did some research on the interweb. My criteria was pretty simple I wanted something fun to read. I thought it'd be best to start with a reboot or new comic series so I don't have to get all anxious over too much back story. I also was hoping for a female lead. Coz ya know girls are all sorts of awesome.  
After much reading of fellow geek girl blogs I found her. Miss Kamala Kahn she was going to be my way in. As I found out in my research, the Ms Marvel title was previously used by Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers and Ms Marvel was being rebooted with a young Muslim American woman at the helm. One or two stories had been published at the time I was looking. This seemed perfect to me and I wasn't disappointed! 
I really enjoyed the first Ms Marvel. It was great to go along that journey of discovery with her. Finding out about her powers and watching her trying to balance all the very different aspects of her life. As Ms Marvel is a teen herself the storylines aren't too intense and there is no bad language but there is plenty of fun and adventure! Exactly what I was looking for in my first toe dipping into the world of comic books. 
The part of Kamala's character I really enjoy is she's a fan. All these amazing heroes exist in her world, she loves them and knows all about them. Ultimately she is a fangirl. I love that. It's a very relatable personality trait and it really helped me to click with her character. 
If you are looking for a place to start yourself or maybe looking to get a friend or relative hooked into the world of comics Ms Marvel - No Normal is a fantastic place to start. For a complete newbie she is fun and accessible with a great story. I hope this little post helped you find a new comic or gave you insight into the world of the none comic reader! Look out for more posts I as I adventure further into the world of comics! 
If you have any recommendations for me I'd be glad to receive them. 
Much love
Charlie x 

Friday, 14 August 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Fandom Phrases

A quick last minute entry for some of my fandom phrases I count resist as I'm forever spouting lines from films or TV these are just some of my favourites at the moment.

1. The Big Bang Theory
This whole show is full of funny quips and one liners. This is the quote I use most often when I'm answering to the phone to my sister. She loves it......... No she doesn't.

2. Sherlock
My favourite phrase from Sherlock. I use it with annoying regularity! Anytime a coincidence is mentioned with in a 50 ft radius of me.

3. Doctor Who
Any worth while journey starts with a loud cry of ALLONS-Y! You know it's true.

4. Pride
I couldn't fit the entire script for Pride in the little picture. When Jackie, Vicki and I talk I'd say 60% of the conversation is peppered with Pride quotes and on our recent trip to London we pretty much just communicated in quote form.

5. New Girl
Most often heard when enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage with my ladies. We all love Jess and her kooky ways. This latest season is the best so far! Shut it down!

Thanks to the Megan at The Nerdy Girlie and Kristin at Super Space Chick for starting all the fun. I have enjoyed getting back in on the Fndom 5 action!

Much love
Charlie xx