Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - We Do What We Want Wednesday

So today was super fun! My We Do What We Want Wednesday had a distinctly food related theme. I dance and teach Zumba all day everyday I try to eat as well as possible to keep my energy levels up. Obviously I have my weaknesses such as fizzy pop and chocolate but I try to do my best.

But not today! Today I get to do what I want. My day started with Only Lovers Left Alive and breakfast in bed. After my first classes I went to visit my very pregnant friend and we ate Pizza and Chocolate Cheesecake at lunch time. It was delicious and gave me a sugary zing in my step for my next sessions! 

Lastly at my kids dance class tonight the twins turned 5 and brought me cupcakes! Now I'm tucked up listening to TayTay and ignoring the hubby who is getting stressed watching Liverpool! Perfect end to We Do What We Want Wednesday! 

What have you guys been up to?

Much Love 
Charlie x


  1. That clip of Tom with Cookie Monster is my favourite. So adorable.

    1. Two words delayed gratification....... Mmmmmmm!