Saturday, 21 February 2015

OOTD - Hawkeye

Today my outfit is inspired by Hawkeye in Avengers Assemble. I love Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton and I was feeling a little kick ass today so I thought this would be perfect!

I have picked up on the colour from Hawkeyes suit. Black and Maroon. 

I'm wearing my maroon jeans and faithful black boots I use in many a cosplay. These and my leather jacket are used in countless outfits!

My top is a black tunic. If the weather was warmer I'd have a sleeveless top on to echo Hawkeye's but brrrrrr it's too chilly for that. 

Accessories for today are my lovely sparkly maroon scarf. I may be an ass kicking avenger but you know I still need to sparkle! I'm am a girl after all. 

I made my arrow bracelet using waxed cotton thread and a charm. I'm super proud of how it turned out. You can't be Hawkeye without an arrow! The colours I used are inspired by the Hawkeye's uniform in the Marvel comics! There will be a Happy Little How To coming soon!

I hope you like my casual cosplay Hawkeye. Any suggestions for future cosplay please get in touch and let me know. 

Much Love 
Charlie x


  1. Another excellent cosplay!! I love this one especially the maroon jeans I love that colour!!!!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad you do I am very pleased with how it turned out! x

  3. Purple jeans and tall black boots! Love at first sight! It's gorgeous, Charlie. And the bracelet is tops! x

    1. Thank you Jackie! These are my fave jeans!