Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Funko Pop Figures

I don't own any Funko Pop figures YET. I only recently discovered there adorable existence. The more I look at them, the more I love them and want to buy them ALL! So any of my friends or family reading this should consider this my Birthday list! I know, I know it's not until August. 

First up is Loki! It's Loki Day as part of Tom's Spirit Week so it would be an affront to the God of Mischief if he wasn't top of the list. 

Well she's practically perfect in everyway! Who wouldn't want a Mary "Funko" Poppins. 

Next is Wonder Woman. Simply I love her and this is adorable. 

Buffy was my first girl crush I wanted to be her soooooo badly. I am still I love with this show. So a Buffy Funko Pop is really a necessity! 

Lastly is Funko Pop Smaug! Look at his adorable dragon face! 

So I look forward to receiving these for my birthday! Thanks in advance! Hahah

Much Love 
Charlie x


  1. Great picks! I have the Smaug and he is precious ! ☺️ mine doesn't have the cool eyes though . That's a char piece