Thursday, 5 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Good Will Thursday

Good Will Thursday seemed like a good opportunity to share a story close to my heart. Sadly a friend had a stillborn baby but this could have been prevented with a simple test. I won't go into detail here but if you want to please read their story and sign the petition if you're a UK resident. The petition is to make the test mandatory for all pregnant ladies.

Now on with a lovely day. Worked at a nursing home this morning and took the lovely ladies and gents there some brownies and flapjacks. I am a naughty fitness instructor taking sweet treats but it was fun seeing everyone enjoying them after we exercised of course!

I also donated some monies to Comic Relief who do life changing work in Africa and the UK. I listen to Radio 1 and have been really moved listening to the experiences their presenter Greg James has had in Uganda. I was super happy to donate but this was made even better when Greg replied to my tweet and retweeted it including the Good Will Thursday hashtag yay! I did a little squeeeee!

To make the day really perfect the man himself posted a charity video today. Way to rally the troops Hiddles! This made it super easy if you were stuck for an idea. Here is the video if you missed it. Needless to say I donated too!

Hope you had a lovely day doing good deeds big or small.

Happy Good Will Thursday.

Much love
Charlie x

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