Monday, 2 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week 2015

Thanks to Hiddlestoned Educator for setting up the themes for this years week long celebration for Tom Hiddleston's birthday. Last year I was just a spectator as the lovely folks on Twitter got stuck into celebrating all things Tom. This year as I have a shiny new blog I though it was time to get in on the action!

The story of how I came to love Tom Hiddleston is probably similar to many other fangirls out there. I went to watch Thor. Got to be honest I went for Chris Hemsworth as well as being a Superhero movie lover. However when I left the cinema I typed 5 words into Google that would change my fangirl world forever. "Who plays Loki in Thor?" And bam. That was me done Hiddlestoner for life. I watched everything I could on YouTube, downloaded audiobooks and ordered his entire back catalogue off Amazon.
*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*Fangirling Alert*
This man is a thing of beauty. Just everything about him is an utter delight, his beautiful eyes, cheekbone perfection, that smile that could light up a whole city. 

I could go on, really I could but then I'd actually just be listing everything about Toms body. I think we can agree that could get a bit weird and although he is beautiful to look at he is sooooooo much more than a pretty face, mischievous laugh and stunning voice. 

Tom is a fabulous actor whose body of work is so wonderfully varied and he is captivating to watch and listen to. I will be forever grateful to the creators of The Love Book App because of this Tom reads me poetry daily! He is also a genuinely lovely human he is passionate about his charity work, sweet and generous with his time and attention to fans when he meets them. I hope one day I will get to meet him too.
And deep breath ok. I think I'm done. 
2015 is going to be a wonderful Tom filled year for us Hiddlestoners! He has lots of films coming out so hopefully that means lots of press and interviews for us all to enjoy. I hope Tom announces he will be doing some theatre again soon. I was super sad that I couldn't get tickets to see Coriolanus live. Watching Tom perform live would be a dream come true so I'm not going to miss out on the next opportunity.
So that's a little introduction to my Tom Hiddleston fangirling. Please keep an eye on my blog and Twitter @Charlie_Faith for what I get up to. Don't forget to use the hashtag #TomsSpiritWeek and let's get it trending on Twitter. 

What have you got planned for Toms Spirt Week? What do you love about our Hiddles?! Please share in the comments below. Always keen to meet fellow Hiddlestoners 
Much love
Charlie x

Photo Credits to @twhiddleston @CrimsonPeakFilm 


  1. For my Hiddles education, I couldn't ask for a better teacher. x

  2. Wishing Tom a happy birthday! I haven't seen anything on Google+ other than this to honor him. Last year there was a whole event.

    1. There has been lots on Twitter sorry you missed it this year but everyday is a good day to celebrate Hiddles!!