Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Tom's Spirit Week - Tom's Twin Tuesday

I saw the Tuesday of Tom's Spirit Week was Tom's Twin Tuesday and I was like SWEET I get an extra excuse to do some casual cosplay. Tom has some great characters to work into everyday outfits. I headed over to The Nerdy Girlie to get some inspiration from her Everyday Cosplay looks from 2014 and see her suggestions for 2015 I got a bit carried away thinking I could be Loki or Coriolanus or F. Scott Fitzgerald or Adam.......
Tom Hiddleston Spirit Week 2015: Coriolanus

Then I remembered I would be working. Teaching dance all day. These characters don't have the most practical outfits for teaching a Zumba class in. What with the leather and the metal and tailoring and Adam spending half the film naked. Sorry where was I so yes not suitable for work at all.

Firstly I thought I might cosplay the out from the Josh Horowitz Slumber party. Thor T-shirt and a pair of black joggers. Nice and simple BUT this didn't sit quite right as I wasn't cosplaying a character.

Then I remembered Billy Hazledine from Suburban Shootout going for a jog in his grey vest and little tight shorts. Baby Hiddles with crazy noodle hair bouncing along as he runs!

Perfect! There really is a Hiddleston for every occasion, even a Zumba class! So here it is... Bill Hazeldine Casual Cosplay for Tom's Twin Tuesday. Apologies for the mirror Selfie but no one is around to hoodwink into talking my picture!

The outfit its self is super simple and I already had everything in wardrobe. Bonus!

Grey vest, black workout leggings, trainers and a necklace that says I've just got back from a gap year abroad!

I hope you like my Tom's Twin Tuesday Cosplay outfit. Please let me know who you are cosplaying today! I'm off out now to teach lots of Zumba classes I just need to put a couple of layers on first though.... brrrrr!

Happy Tom's Twin Tuesday

Much Love
Charlie x

Videos from YouTube and Coriolanus Cosplay Picture from www.thenerdygirlie.com