Monday, 8 June 2015

OOTD - Rose Tyler

The one of perils of being an everyday cosplayer is that you can wake up in the morning get ready for the day ahead and without realising you have dressed like one of your favourite characters. Today was one of those days. Today I accidentally dressed like Rose Tyler. Finding this most amusing I sent Vicki and Jackie this picture of me goofing around recreating Rose's scene from Doomsday.
So simply my outfit breaks down to a light pink hoody and dark pink vest and jeans. 
The jeans need to be flared at the bottom and of course you need pumps for all the running! 
When I realised I was dressed like Rose I thought I might as well go whole hog and do the make up too. The key to Rose's make up is black eyeliner, shimmery eyeshadow, lashings of mascara and lipgloss. 
So my look is my complete, a very comfortable and casual outfit. 
But I wasn't finished. My earlier picture gave me an idea. I played with one of my favourite apps Afterlight a photo editing app and created this by layering the picture of David Tennant over mine. 
Not going to lie. I'm pretty impressed with myself right now! 
Have you ever found yourself dressed like a favourite character before you realise what you've done? Have you ever cosplayed Rose on purpose? I'd love to see you pictures.

Much love 
Charlie x 


  1. Casually cosplaying accidentally is great. I hope there are many more of these! The photo certainly made me smile earlier. :)

    1. Glad you find my silliness as amusing as I do! xx

    2. LOVE this one!!!! So perfect! And the serendipity involved makes it even BETTER! The photo with David is the clincher. Amazing. And on a Monday too! You rock star, you.

    3. Thanks Jackie. When it just sort of happens you've just got to go with it! Today the universe wanted me to be Rose and who am I to argue!

  2. Personally, I think it's wonderful when you find out you accidentally cosplayed. Well done! :D

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. It is a fun surprise from my wardrobe! ;)