Sunday, 21 June 2015

OOTD - Clara Oswald

Inspired by this weeks Fandom 5, I decided to cosplay Clara on Saturday. I wear this outfit a lot, it's one of my favourites but this time I made sure I got some pictures. There will be more Clara cosplays following at some point because I love her and all of her looks but today I'm starting with tartan. Clara loves a skirt and blouse combination. She looks cute and smart. Teacher chic! 
Blouse buttoned up to the top with a necklace underneath is a key look of Clara's.
Today I chosen a similar colour Tartan to the dress she wears in The Name of The Doctor. I also love that she carries a bag. Pretty and practical! 
But the overall outfit echoes the one she wears in The Time of The Doctor / Deep Breath. Either way I'm pretty happy with how this look turned out! 
What do you think? Is Clara the companion with your favourite fashion? Which of her looks is your favourite? 

Much love
Charlie x 


  1. Clara can do no wrong - I adore her - and I'm always keen to see your Clara cosplay. I love this look! Her tartan skirts are amongst my faves and I'm so happy to see that you chose one for this weekend. It's so cute, Charlie! And I love your necklace. Where did you get it? xo

    1. So pleased you like this look. It is praise indeed as I know you love her too. My little Star necklace and matching earrings were a birthday gift so I don't know where it is from sorry.

  2. This cosplay is Clara down to a T! It's so clever and detailed. I love the shirt and skirt it's so feminine and pretty. Really good job Charlie it's fantastic! Can't wait for the next one :)

    1. Thanks lovely. I love this look I like think Clara would like it too!