Friday, 26 June 2015

5 Fandom Friday - Fandom Guilty Pleasures

Well firstly I need to refer to my fandom King, Thomas William Perfect Hiddleston, as he puts my feelings towards guilty pleasures into an eloquent and succinct quote. Also great excuse for a Hiddles pic. (Credit on picture edit to
Not giving too hoots about flying my nerdy flag high has definitely come with age. I kept my geeky loves as quiet as possible when I was younger and the older I got the less I worried about other people's opinions. I also realised the more I talked about my interests the more I'd meet fellow nerds to geek out with. So my guilty pleasures focus on the times I really get to indulge my fangirl.

1. Marathons
Binge watching shows on Netflix and not getting dressed until 1pm. Or as I like to call it Saturday! Current show of choice is Once Upon A Time. Halfway through season two. No spoilers please. I have a system. If I balance my iPad in my knees my hands are free to reach food and drink! 

2. Encore, Encore! 
Repeatedly watching the same movies and TV shows. Laughing at the same jokes. Crying at the same points every damn time. 

3. Casual Cosplay
The feeling of utter glee when you are cosplaying your fave character and you get a compliment on your outfit!

4. Crushing
Spamming my fellow fangirls with pictures of my crush with captions such as "kdnbvidjnvsoisc" "I can't even" "I'm crushing hard today" "Look at that hair though" and they have my back. They are there with a virtual hug, words of understanding, encouragement and often more pictures! 

5. The Internet 
Yes I realise this is quite a wide ranging subject but I could lose hours and hours disappearing off to the darkest corners of the web. Finding snippets of information on the latest Marvel release, pictures of my latest crushes, researching casual cosplay opinions, general nerdery and geeking out! Heaven. 
Thanks to The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick for starting the 5 Fandom Friday fun. Special thanks this week to Meghan Sara Karre for the great post suggestion. What are your guilty pleasures? How do you indulge your fan-side? 

Much love 
Charlie x


  1. Sigh...Tom Hiddleston. Perfection. I'm a binge watcher too

    1. He is utter perfection! Binging is the only way to watch these days!! x

  2. I would be extremely disappointed if I didn't see Tom on this post. :)