Monday, 12 January 2015


My first outfit of the day post is one of my favourites: The TARDIS
I love to geek out about Doctor Who! I thought the Christmas Special was wonderful and I'm so happy Clara is staying for another season. I love her! But that's a story for another post. Today is about the TARDIS.
Yes I'm going to be dressing like a big blue box that travels in time and space.

The key to any casual cosplay of the TARDIS is the colour blue. Wear as much blue as humanly possible! Today I have gone for my blue denim skirt with blue zip up cardigan. I love the zip detail on the cardi, the silver adds a futuristic touch. I'm wearing a cream top underneath as the v-neck shows a panel of cream which to me looks like the TARDIS windows. 
Now for the fun part.... accessories!!! They turn a cute outfit into cosplay.

Every good TARDIS needs a key. I'm dressing it up today so I have gone for my sparkly key. In keeping with my sparkly key I have added my star earrings. To up the amount of blue I am wearing I have also opted for dark blue eyeliner today as I feel you can't wear enough blue when your the TARDIS! 
A galaxy of stars and planets to explore are wrapped round my neck. This is my favourite scarf. It really adds a space element for my TARDIS to explore! Other than the colour blue the other iconic thing about the TARDIS is the white lettering around the top. This year I was lucky enough to visit the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, I was the happiest little geek that day! In the gift shop at the end of the day I found a bracelet that finished off my cosplay perfectly. I could not leave without it! 


I love, love, love this outfit! It's geeky but girly, a classic Ninja Nerd look. I am ready for a day of shopping and lunch with my girlfriends. Little do they know they'll be with the TARDIS who has just landed from her last great adventure with The Doctor! 

Thank you so much for reading. Please leave comments and ideas for future everyday cosplay below. 

Much love 

(I found the TARDIS picture at the top of the blog on google but I can't find a name of the clever person who did it. If you know please tell me I'd like to give credit to them. Thanks)


  1. I love this outfit so so much! It's brilliant! I adore how it's subtle - you could wear it anywhere, even to work. But the best bit is how you have this secret "I'm the TARDIS!"

    1. Glad you like it Jackie! The secret is my favourite part too!

  2. This is such a great look! I hadn't realised how fabulous us geeky girls could look when channeling our favourite fandoms! Can't wait to see what is casually cosplayed next!