Thursday, 22 January 2015

Happy Little How To

I'm a nerd on a budget so buying lots of jewellery, accessories and clothes isn't always possible as much as I'd love too! I spend hours on Etsy looking at all the gorgeous fandom inspired items! Gosh there are some talented people out there. But as is usually, and quite rightly, the case with hand crafted items they can be expensive as lots of love, attention and time has gone into making them. Like these super cute Doctor Who gloves from Geekier Than Thou on Etsy that my sister bought me for Christmas! They are seriously fabulous. Look at the little Fez. How adorable! 

So I decided to have a go myself. Here at Happy Little Geek I will be posting some Happy Little How To's. These will be anything from make up tutorials to step-by-step crafts. They will all be fandom inspired and help you bring geeky loves into everyday outfits. Most importantly they will be simple, inexpensive and fun to do!

If you have fandom friends you can share the cost of the materials and have a craft party. Chatting all things geek as you make. You can make them as presents or keep all the goodies for yourself! Either way I hope you have fun with them. Keep an eye out for the first "Happy Little How To" and please send me your pictures if you follow any of the tutorials I'd LOVE to see what you've done! 

Much love Charlie


  1. I.O.U…… hm, wonder who we are talking about there? :) I love it!

  2. You'll have to wait and see but I think you already know!

  3. Wonderful addition to the Happy Little Geek repatoire I love these. Accessories are my favourite! X

    1. Hopefully you'll be able to make some yourself if you follow the tutorials!