Friday, 9 January 2015

Charlie the Ninja Nerd.

"You're a Ninja Nerd!"

This was the comment that started me on this little journey. It was how I was described by a friends husband when I took him by surprise launching into an in depth opinion of the 12th Doctors up coming series. He didn't expect me to have such deep interest in it. He didn't expect me to have such good knowledge which I took offence to and let him know. Then he said it "You're a Ninja Nerd" and I thought hey, I like that. That's a pretty damn good description of me!

I have always been a geek and passionate about things that other girls don't always find "cool". At high school I loved Mulder and Angel the way other girls crushed on Take That. I loved Sci-fi not soaps!

Even then I styled some of my outfits on my favourite characters; a shift dress, boots and a big cross to be Buffy, a silver shirt and silver make up and I'd be 7 of 9. I never told anyone that's how I was dressing. If anyone guessed I'd be very surprised and say that it was a coincidence! I'd also probably blush profusely. It's not that I'm a shy girl it's just I wasn't confident in sharing my passions. When your younger you can care a lot what other people think and as my interests weren't mainstream girly I kept them low key with people who weren't my good friends!

It wasn't until recently I found out there was a name for what I was doing! Everyday Cosplay apparently. I love it. I love finding accessories that make me 221b Baker Street, wearing my tweed jacket that turns me into Giles or in my flowery dress and boots I become Clara. I can take on the world in these outfits, they are simple to do and subtle to wear. I want to bring my passions into my everyday life. They make me happy!

As I got older have I grown happier with my geek status. I care less if people catch me being overly enthusiastic about a detail I discovered watching Sherlock or how excited I am in the run up to a new series of Doctor Who. If people call me a geek I say thank you. In my opinion it's a compliment! 

So I'm Charlie the Ninja Nerd bringing everyday cosplay to the streets of the UK and boy does it make me a Happy Little Geek! 


  1. Excellent idea for a blog can't wait to see what you post next!

  2. I wish that I had thought about this cool cosplay idea - it's genius! I like how it's subtle but oh, so smart. I'm excited to see your suggestions and read your future posts. :)

  3. Thank you for your comments! First outfit post coming soon!