Sunday, 20 September 2015

Five Fandom Friday - Things I Love about Autumn.

I am 100% a summer baby. I love sun and I'm sad to see summer end but Autumn does have its benefits too. Here are my favourite things about the changing of the seasons.

1. Layers
Scarves, jumpers, earmuffs, gloves, big comfy boots! I want to wear them all.

2. Television
All my favourite TV shows come back with brand new episodes. Starting tomorrow night with the bestest one everer Doctor Who! 

3. Rugby Season
You may have picked up on this from my recent blog posts Rugby is my favourite sport in the whole wide world. September (usually) marks the start of the rugby season in the UK but this year THIS YEAR it has the start of the World Cup! Kick off is tonight at 8pm. I'm so excited I could die. I can't even cope. 

4. Bonfire Night 
Wrapping up warm to go out in the cold then getting to hot when the bonfire starts! Drinking hot chocolate and eating toffee apples while watching fire works!

5. Hibernating
When the weather is too cold and too wet to go outside its heaven to spend the day on the couch. Warm and toast is wrapped in blankets with good TV, wifi, hot chocolate and snacks. I'm especially excited to spend time bonding with my new couches. 

So that about sums up all of the things I love about Autumn. Thanks to Megan at and Kristen at for starting the the fun! Stay warm! 

Much love 
Charlie xx


  1. Haha I'm all about the hibernating at this time of year and also the TV I have missed all my TV shows so much and will be so happy to have them back xoxo


    1. Yes! Got to be comfy and cozy! It's time for getting excited when the ads appear for The Flash and Arrow.