Monday, 14 September 2015

A Geek Girls Guide to Rugby - The World Cup.

The legend goes that in 1823 in a small town called Rugby in England a young chap called William Webb Ellis was playing football (Soccer) with his chums and decided to pick the ball up and run with it. Thus the game of Rugby was born. 

Rugby is one of the many things I geek out about. I am HUGE fan. Thanks to my dad I grew up watching Rugby. I played when I was younger and I'm getting back into a ladies team now!  There are many many many things I love about rugby. The pride, the passion. The respect shown between players, the Referee and opposing fans. The crazy wackadoodle laws (not rules) of the game which I'm yet to still get a full grip on myself. And let's be honest men rolling in mud in shorts. I am still a woman! Below is a picture of me looking like an utter Rugby nerd with England centre Owen Farrell at Twickenham Stadium. Yes. I fangirled hard. 
So this Friday the 18th of September at 8pm the Rugby World Cup kicks off at Twickenham! The home of English Rugby! I am beyond excited and completely riddled with nerves! In order to spread my love of rugby far and wide I am bringing you a Geeks Guide to Rugby. Starting today with an introduction to the World Cup. I will also in the series I shall give you some basic info about the Laws, how the game is played, highlight some players, teams and follow the tournament as it goes on.

Twenty teams have spent the last four years playing games and training hard to qualify for the Rugby World Cup. In alphabetical order they are: 
New Zealand
South Africa
United States of America

The tournament runs the same as other world cups in other sports. The teams are split into pools and all play each other once. The top two team in those groups progress to the Quarter Finals. The winners then compete in the semi final and final. Easy! 

All teams are competing to win the coveted William Webb Ellis Cup. Named after the chap credited with inventing the game. Remember him? From the first paragraph? Good! Look isn't it shiny!!!! 

The tournament itself is very young with the inaugural tournament hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand in 1987. This was before Rugby Union was a professional sport so the majority of players competing for their country had a day job too! 

Defending champions New Zealand are once again favourites to take the trophy home but England have the advantage of home turf. With many of the emerging rugby nations getting stronger each year there is a chance of an big upset. Never underestimate the power of the under dog! 
Is your nation represented at the World Cup? Let me know and feature your team on a future post! 
If your country isn't represented pick one! Was your Great Grandad Itallian? There is your team! Do you love Anime? Show Japan your support! Are you a Hiddlestoner? Then make like Tom and cheer on the hosts! Let me know who you choose and I'll give you the lowdown! 
Do you already love rugby? Then we should be friends! Let me know who you support so we can partake in friendly banter! 

Much Love
Charlie xx


  1. I've always been interested in rugby but have never been able to really get into it. There aren't many games played near me and I've never seen it on tv. It seems like a fun spot overall, even though I don't know much about the teams, laws, and so on. I look forward to your posts 😁

    1. It is a really fun sport. Is your country represented in World Cup? I hope you enjoy my posts!

  2. Great post, Charlie. I look forward to learning more about rugby in the weeks ahead under your expert guidance. I'm a football (soccer) gal and have been a lifelong hockey fan - I'm Canadian, it's in my blood! - so I can totally appreciate being a fan. Who says women can't be knowledgeable about sports? Not me! x

    1. So true! Us girls can love geeky stuff, girly things and sports! Whatever we like! Look out for my post on the Canadian team I'm heading to one of there matches!!!

  3. What a terrifically informative and wonderful post!!! Love how passionate you are about this sport!! I've even got a bit more interested in it since I've known you haha! Xx

    1. Yes I'm wearing you down! Will you be tuning in on Friday night? Go on!!

  4. I have some die hard Rugby friends. I'm always curious about the game but haven't gone any further than that. I wish it was bigger here in the States.

    1. Well the U.S. Are in a good group and should have some even matches! Hopefully the World Cup will get some coverage!