Thursday, 13 October 2016

London Belongs To Me Review and Giveaway!

I'm lucky enough to be friends with, Jackie Middleton, author of the  wonderful London Belongs To Me. I could not be prouder of how hard she's worked getting this book published.
Today is her book launch party in her home town of Toronto so to celebrate I'm reviewing her book and giving you lovely nerds the opportunity to win a copy of her book! 
Images courtesy of Jackie Middleton 
Firstly LBTM is about love, but it's far from your average romance novel! There are many different types of love in this book. There is of course a romance I was dying to find out if our Heroine gets her guy! 
It's also a love letter to my favourite city in the whole world. I was transported to the streets of London through Jackie's descriptions that  ooze with her love of the city and it's theatres. 
There is love between friends who bring out the best in each other, share passions and can be relied upon for an honest opinion. In short I want to be in their gang! 
And last but not least LBTM has a love of all things nerdy with quotes and nods to fandoms that will have you saying "I understood that reference".
Image by Jackie Middleton 
But the thing I love most about LBTM is I feel represented by this book! Nerd girl, fangirl and proud! Jackie writes about fandom brilliantly as she draws on her own experiences. However as a fangirl I often feel misrepresented in the media as an obsessive nerd or screaming crying fainting fanatic but I'm not!!! And Alex is not! Yes she the Sherlock theme is her ringtone and she loves Doctor Who. Yes she goes to cons, cosplays and queues in line for that thrill of a photo or autograph. But that is not all she is. Alex is intelligent, a talented writer, loyal friend, lover of chocolate and slightly rubbish drinker of alcohol! Alex also suffers from panic attacks. She is a multi faceted character of which fangirling is very much a part of but not all she is and that is my absolute favourite part of the book. So thanks Jackie for giving fangirls and boys everywhere a positive rep! 
Image from Titan Merch on Instagram
Congratulations you made it to the end of my review! Like the sound of LBTM? Then enter my giveaway! 

To enter you need to two things! 

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Secondly in the comments below tell me about your fandom friendships! What makes them so great? 

The winners name will be drawn from a hat (high tech I know) on Monday 31st October 5pm GMT! 

Good Luck

Much love
Charlie xx


  1. I head about this book elsewhere and am really excited to read it (it may have even been here, I dont remember but I do know I added it to my Goodreads right away hahaha). I think my favorite fandom friendships would have to be the Horror Community I attended Spooky Empire with in Orlando both times. Two of my good derby friends and I became even closer attending and dressing up for those conventions! So much fun!

    1. Nothing like the fun of a Con with friends! You're in the hat Katy!

  2. This sounds like a great book! I can't wait to check it out! I love having fandom friendships because it can be so much fun not only to share common interests, but also to have friends who really "get" you.

    1. So true Sarah! You're in the hat! Good Luck xx

  3. I've seen this book around, it sounds really good! Fandom friendships are the best :)

    (p.s. I followed you both on Twitter + Insta!)

    1. Great stuff Natalie you're in the hat!!

  4. Omo! I really want to have this books because I think it would be a mirror to my life (based on your post). I am now curious waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I think it is indeed a beautiful one that's why I want to have a copy of this huhuhuhuhuhu hope I can have one. Btw fandom friendships are the best relationship because I can talk to someone who will really understand my thoughts and will not look at me like I'm an alien from outer space whenever I talk about the book that I just finished and its characters that creates a strong connection on me. Hahahahahha I may look like crazy but its okay if the reason is a book hahahahahaha.