Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fandom Favourite Baby Grows

I am a pregnerd! (Yes I'm laughing at my own pun) 32 weeks to be precise! I am very much looking forward to becoming mummy. To distract myself from the scary stuff that will happen in approximately 8 weeks time I like to look at nerdy things I can dress baby up in! So here is my round up of the sweetest geekiest baby grows I can find! 

Universal Wear
I mean it's just all of the cuteness!

I am under no illusions that our little one will be King or Queen of the castle and I as the hand will do their bidding! ;)
It says GIGGLESWATTS you guys! Too cute!

The Retrostate Etsy page is full of super cute nerdy onesies but this is my favourite you know why.

You read it in Seamus's voice didn't you?!?

I love all the tees on Jordandene's sight and with these onesies me and Baby Roberts can be twinsies!! 

I love the range at Mothercare. There are more cute things but these are my favourites! 

Mothercare Baby K Collection
Mothercare Wonder Woman

Mothercare R2D2

I hope you enjoyed all this cuteness. I'm now trying to resist spending all my monies!!

Much Love 
Charlie x 


  1. Ahhh I love all of these. We're trying to get pregnant so hopefully I'll have a baby to put in these adorable outfits soon enough :)

    1. Oh good luck! I can't wait to play dress up! My poor kid will be dressed in alsorts and hopefully you will too soon!!

  2. Soo cute! There is also an adorable Chewbacca onesie that I bought a friend of mine for her first little one that you should check out. Ridiculously adorable!

    1. Oh my goodness that sounds so cute! Was it all fluffy?!?! I think I need that!!