Friday, 12 February 2016

OOTD - Whovian Fangirl

To complete my look back at the Doctor Who Festival 2015 I wanted to share the outfit I chose to wear. I had originally planned to casual cosplay 12 but I decided leave the cosplay to the pros this time and to go all out fangirl! Especially since I just bought this tee from The Colorful Geek on Etsy it seemed like the perfect place to show it off. It got lots of compliments! 

I bought these fabulous 12th Doctor cling earrings from I fell in love with his grumpy little face. He looks thoroughly fed up with hanging around. AND he's go a sonic screwdriver! Adorable!! 

I had to wear my TARDIS bracelet I got from my trip to The Doctor Who Experience. 

I also gave myself a little TARDIS manicure. Sadly I didn't get the greatest picture of it. It's 4 blue nails and one white with silver glitter over the top. Shown here with the Truth or Concequences box from The Zygon Invasion episode. 

Hope you like my Whovian Fangirl outfit? What's your favourite fandom accessory? 

Much Love 
Charlie x