Wednesday, 11 March 2015

HLHT - Simple Adjustable Cord Bracelets

One of my favourite ways to add an extra elements of characters that inspire my everyday cosplay outfits is accessories! For me they make a big difference in bringing my cosplay to life or adding a touch of geek glam to ordinary clothes.

You will need:
  • Waxed linen cord the colour of your choice. This can be found at most craft stores or on Amazon or eBay. 
  • A charm of your choice to represent your chosen character.
  • Scissors.
1. Cut a length of cord approximately twice the length of your wrist.
2. Thread on your charm. If you want to keep your charm from swinging round at this point you can tie two knots either side of the charm to keep it roughly in place.
3. Tie a simple knot round the opposite piece of cord.
4. Repeat with the other end of the cord. You now have an adjustable bracelet. 
You may want to experiment with the length of the cord so you get the right fit for you but make sure it can slip easily on and off your wrist when you need it to.

I think this will go towards a future Arrow cosplay. I hope you enjoyed this Happy Little How To please show me if you make any use #HLHT or tag me in! I'd love to see.

Much Love


  1. This is a fab post!
    Such a unique thing to add to your Cosplay repatoire! It's really special!

    1. Thanks Vicki! Accessories are my favourite!! x

  2. How cute! I have loads of charms hanging around, maybe this is what I'll do with them!

    1. Thanks! You should and if you do please show me!! I'd love to see. My Twitter and Instagram handles are on here!! 😊

  3. So small but with big impact! Love it. x